Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's on my face #1 Shining like the sun

Sawasdee ka~
Since the sun starting to say hello to UK weather I got a feeling that I should wear something a little bit brighter. No not my cloth today but lipstick. Statement lipstick is my fav! One of my all time favourite BB creams is Smooth Erase acne care medicated (It's only sell in Japan). I selected this BB cream today because my skin is pretty delicate at the moment. And as I have very oily skin I have to powder my face up with Nars loose powder. I also highlight/contour my face with Topshop highlighter and Nars bronzing powder in "Laguna". For my eyes I hardly do anything I just curl my eyelashes and use waterproof mascara from Chanel and draw a tiny eyes liner along lash line. My lips are filled with red lipstick from Beauty UK in shade "Vampire".
Ohhh~And one more thing I would like to show you guys is my new horsey earrings! Welcome to Chinese horse year :). I actually bought them at night market it Thailand. If convert Thai baht to british pound they are just 50p!
Nars bronzing powder "Laugna" // MAC blush "Warm Soul" // Topshop highlighter "Crescent Moon" // Nars loose powder "Eden" //  Smooth erase acne care medicated "02"
Maxfactor colour elixir lip liner "10 Red Rush" // Beauty UK lipstick "Vampire"
Muji eyelash curler (Okay this is not something on my face but I swear by this eyelash curler it's the best so I would like to share it with you guys) // Chanel inimitable mascara waterproof in black // Bodyshop tea tree concealer "02" for under eye dark circles // No7 Stay precise felt tip eyeliner "Brown/Black" // No7 beautiful brows pencil "Brown/Black"

What do you think about this look?




  1. What does Muji NOT have?!?! That shop is amazing! haha! You look beautiful and I love the rose petals you have used to decorate! Yes, saying hello to the Sun today has been great - but tomorrow it's raining - great(!)

    1. That's true Muji is an awesome shop. By the way weather is not too bad in Leeds today though hehehe :)

  2. i always heart bright lipstick because it brighten up your face ! i like your eyebrow though despite the fact this is a lipstick post ahaha
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  3. nice make up you look pretty

  4. nice post!

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  5. Gorgeous! I'd love to try the Topshop highlighter <3

    Ellen xx

    1. It's a good highlighter. A little goes a long way :)

  6. Hi dear! Thanks for the lovely comment! Sure, let's follow each other <3 I followed you right away ;)
    PS: I love the lipstick

    love, Stella

  7. Thanks for your comment darling ♡
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  8. you look gorgeous!
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    Dolce Kisses ♥

    1. Awww that would be brilliant idea. I will follow your on facebook and bloglovin :)

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  11. cute products :D im always seeing these brands around so ill look into it more
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