Sunday, 27 April 2014

Primark spring/summer haul and giveaway winner

Sawasdee ka~
It's been a while since my last haul and today it comes back! Before I talk about haul I would like to say congratulations for the winner of my first giveaway "Chirstina D.". I have contacted her and sent the Illamasqua lipstick to her. I also would like to say thank you to everyone who join the giveaway. For anyone who did not win, please don't be disappointed I promise I will do another giveaway when the time is right :)

Right back to the haul. I didn't buy all items in one go I just sort of buy few things everytime I visit Primark over the last 2 months. I collect quite a few items now so why not post about it!?
Airtex "chese the boys heart" vest £6: To be honest I didn't read the quote on this vest before I buy it I just love the colour nice gradient pinkish purple
Floral lace neon pink vest: lacey is coming back this spring/summer so why not get one. For the price I'm not so sure how much is it I think I threw the receipt away after I bought it few weeks ago
Pink neon bikini top £6: This bikini top caught my eyes from the first time I spotted on it, but took me about 2 weeks to come to decision that I really want this. The thing is I spent too much money on bikini that I only will wear once or twice a year so it take a little bit of time to buy decide.
Rio Aztec bralet £5: I always love bralet and croptop with £5 price tag I just can't stop myself from putting it in a basket. I like the pattern and colour so much and you know what. This bralet will be in my next OOTD post! Stay tuned for it :)

Black stretch vest £3.50: Everyone should have LBD (little black dress) right? Although I have way too many black dresses but this is just so cheap. It's a plain black dress which I think it will go really well with nice stand out jacket
10 pale pink velvet hanger £2.90: I felt like I was hypnotised by "sale" while I was waiting in the queue to check out. I actually I want to get it anyway I just need more nice hungers in my wardrobe (or it might be just an excuse to make me feel less guilty??) This set of hangers was £4 before and when it's discounted you know what to do. 
Floral headbands £3: It's a nice corally-pink flower headband and well-made. Still not sure when to wear it but I'm sure it will look great on everyone
London pyjama legging £6 & Pink tartan check pyjama trousers £6: Basically most of my pyjama trousers are too stretchy now so I made myself an excuse to buy 2 pyjama trousers. First one is super duper cute London print legging. It's a lovely pattern with nice soft material. I found that although it's legging but it's not tight instead I feel comfy when I wear it. Next is pink tartan trousers, bought it because I want to match with my boyfriend pyjama trousers. All of his pyjama trousers are in tartan(not pink though). I just think it might be cute if we both have matching pairs of trousers hehehehe

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?



Sunday, 20 April 2014

Very insping blogger award & Liebster award

Sawasdee ka~
On Febuary and March I had been nominated to 2 different awards with 6 different bloggers! First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you and I'm very much appreciated! It's so so nice to be nominated and it's a way to find delightful blogs that you might not find and a great way for my followers to get to know me! I know it must be a little bit cheeky to combine these 2 awards together and do these awards about 2 month afterward. Hope you guys don't mind about that and forgive me >_<

I have been nominated for Liebster award by RainyDayCupcake, Arianan Ly and Gabriella Hengel. For Very inspiring award I have been nominated by Petra Love, Becky Trinket, Emma Luxton

For the rules they are pretty similar although sometimes they are vary from blogger to blogger. In this case I will use the very inspiring award rule. Also I will answer the question from 3 bloggers who nominated me for Liebster award I will pick 4 questions from each nominators.

Award Rules
1) Thanks and link the awesome person who nominated you
2) List the rules and display the award
3) Share 7 things/facts about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to your post
5) Optional. Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. side bar and follow the person who nominated you.  

Let start with 11 facts about me
❤ I'm originally from Bangkok, Thailand
❤ I finished all 3 Hunger games books within a week over last Christmas
❤ I'm a lipstick lover (if you are my follower for long enough you definitely notice that). I have over 50 lipsticks!
❤ Chemistry is my most favourite subject
❤ A year after I finished from primary school I went to high school straight away no secondary school for me.
❤ My favourite sitcom is New girl
❤ I'm allergic to alcohol 

The questions from Gabriella are:
What is your favourite thing about blogging?
- I love meeting new bloggers sometimes I even find something I never known about
What's the furthest you've travelled from home?

- England! I'm not sure whether I can say it travel because I'm currently living here lol
What's your favourite beauty product?

- Twist up eyebrows pencil
What's your favourite app on your phone?

- Instagram. I'm a stalker sometimes too hehehehe
The questions from Arianan are:
What are your favorite sweets?
- Oreo. Noting can beat twist, lick and dunk :D
What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
- You will marry a bald head man if you sing a song on dinner table
What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?
- Hmmm this is hard. I would say smile, eye contact and my style? I'm not sure hehehe
What is the last message you received or sent?
-  Hope you enjoy your tea mwah. My boyfriend sent it to me while I was having an afternoon tea with his mom and sister
The questions from RainyDayCupake are:
What can we expect from your blog?
-  It's basically a girl lifestyle that interested in fashion, beauty, travel around and experience new thing all the time.
Favourite food? 

- I love spicy food so Thai food is definitely my last answer :)
What would be the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery?
- It's depend on how much I win really. But I definitely give 50% to my parents, donate some and buy a house.
10. Favourite Youtube personality?

- With this question I believe that about 80% will answer Zoella. For me she is one of my favourites too but for this question I will give a thumb up for Wayne Goss from Gossmakeupartist 

MY 15 nominations:
❀ Amber form
❀ Emily from
❀ Sandy from
❀ Greta from
❀ Jorden from
❀ Jone from
❀ Marianna from
❀ Hannah from
❀ Nicola from
❀ Lissy from
❀ Iris from
❀ Jenny from
❀ Ellie from
❀ Mardjelin from
❀  Rose from

Hope you enjoy reading facts about me
For people who get nominated for me please don't be panic if you don't want to do the award I just enjoy reading your blog




Monday, 14 April 2014

What's on my face #2 Feel young again

Sawasdee ka~
Continuing from my last OOTD post, I would like to share my make up on the day with you guys. That day I have a childish happy girl theme for a photoshoot so my make up is on a bright pink side. And as the name of this post is "feel young again", I was also thinking about glow radiant skin like young girl skin. I know many people swear by Nars sheer glow foundation for a glow dewy radiant look, I do love it too. However over the last year I found out that pair this foundation with Rimmel wake me up foundation is work even better! Touch up with loose powder then add a bit of contour&highlight to make this look more defined.

For eye-makeup I picked matte pale pink colour and swept it all over the lid and crease added a bit of pearl pink on the middle of the lid and the use felt tip eyeliner to draw a thin line on upper lashline. On the bottom lashline I used a light touch of black pencil liner and blended it with gold chubby liner from Topshop. This gold liner and bright pink lipgloss are keys, they add a little bit of fun/happy feeling to this look.

To mention one thing that you guys might notice, I wear contact lenses :) I have a short eyesight and hate wearing glasses because it leave marks and hurt my nose so I have a good excuse to wear circles lens. This is why my black eyes seem to be bigger that normal. *_*
Nars bronzing powder "Laugna" // Illamasqua blush "Naked Rose" // Topshop highlighter "Crescent Moon" // Chanel poudre universelle libre loose powder "30 Natural" //  Nars sheer glow foundation in "Fiji" // Rimmel wake me up foundation in "100Ivory" // Cover FX concealer "E40" also used it for under eyes concealer
M.A.C. pro longwear lipglass "Full speed ahead"
Chanel inimitable mascara waterproof in black (not in the photo) // Collection extreme 24 hour felt tip liner "black"// M.A.C. technakohl liner eye-liner kajal "Graphblack" // M.A.C, eyeshadows "Malt", "Sable" and "Mystery" for brows// Kiss natural eyebrown pencil (from Japan) "03" // Topshop crayon "Sun Shower"

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What do you think about this look?  Mwahhh


Monday, 7 April 2014

OOTD : Feel young everyday featuring Born Pretty Store watch review

*Products provided by Born Pretty Store for honest review

Sawasdee ka~
Are you feeling a bit blue Monday? Weather was hectic today in Leeds, however I hope that this post can cheer you up at some point. 

Lynn from Born Pretty Store contacted me a few weeks ago to choose one of their items and review it. I went through their women's watches selection and picked this adorable silicone snap watch. I'm quite surprise how cheap all their products are. Mine one cost around £3.61, incredible isn't it?! How much can I complain. It's really good for its price. Personally I don't like to wear watch that look like (like chain link thingy if you know what I mean) so this one is pretty good for me. I got the parcel about 2 weeks after I had been contacted so it's not that bad when thinking about send thing over from Hong Kong to UK. It's well wrapped that come with a watch box inside. The watch made with silicone and it made me think about my childhood when I was playing with my ruler slap bracelet (I like the idea!) and this is exactly the same and it's adjustable to fit most people.

So my outfit inspiration is from this watch as it make me feel like kid again. Let's turn back time to your primary school and things came up in my mind were lollipop, stripe, braid and pink. Look into my wardrobe and tah dahhh here we go "where's wally" ehhh nooo I mean happy little girl. Lollipop is something I love about when think of my childhood and can't help to include it in the photos. I got this big lolly from a candy shop near my house and I have to say I've been licking it for 5 days now and it still look as big >_<

If chain-link watches aren't your thing, Born Pretty also has a great selection of bracelet watches and LED watches, with styles for both guys and girls! - See more at:
A wrist watch is a must-have fashion accessory and finding one that's both fashionable and affordable can be a challenge.  When Born Pretty asked me to check out their selection of women's watches, I was astonished at their stylish selection and even more so at their prices.  I picked out this rose gold chain link wrist watch as I tend to prefer the more masculine-inspired watches currently.  The watch is surprisingly well made and the jewels surrounding the watch face add a bit of glamour.  My wrists are also on the more petite side, so the fact that the strap was fully adjustable was a must for me.

If chain-link watches aren't your thing, Born Pretty also has a great selection of bracelet watches and LED watches, with styles for both guys and girls!

Watches make great gift items and I can definitely see these as a wonderful present for the hoidays!  And as if the prices weren't competitive enough, the generous team at Born Pretty has provided me with a discount code for an additional 10% off with code KILEENC10.  Shipping is free worldwide but note that items are shipping from Asia so it can take 10-16 days for items to arrive in the United States (mine took 13 days -- shipping time info here). - See more at:
If this childish watch is not for you, Born Pretty Store also has a great selection of wrist watch. Also, this site is not only sell watches but iPhone 5 cases, nail art, clothes etc. with a reasonable price start from 60p and free shipping. They also made a special coupon for you, my lovely readers, so use the code NAPHC10 to save 10% on your order.
Top : Primark
High-waisted shorts : New Look Teens
Shoes : Topshop
Bag : Miss Selfridge
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Ohhhh~almost forgot I also will post about this makeup look very soon
Happy shopping lovely!


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

VINTED: Sell, buy & swap clothes

Sawasdee ka lovely girls~

Do you have a wardrobe problem like me? I have too many clothes and some of them I only wear once then don't remember I have them at all. Last week I found an awesome website called Vinted. Vinted is the new site that just launched in UK not long ago. It's a place to buy, sell or swap pre loved clothe and accessory items. 

You simply create your profile, then start uploading images and descriptions of the items you want to sell straight away. There's very simple to use boxes and buttons to help you  describe your items in the best way possible. It's a well-designed website and easy to use. I really like the icons to select clothing type, size, and colour. Then price your items to sell, swap or give an item away. You also can select a small, medium or large packet size, which automatically works out your postage and packaging costs for you and displays it along with the price of the item. Once you uploaded you cloth on your profile,just wait for the response and reply to the requests.  

Some times my items even get displayed on the featured page which is a great way to get them seen, and there are also lots of options to search for something in particular, by searching for a clothing brand or type.

Unlike other selling sites, you don't receive the money you earn from a sale until the item has been received by the buyer so it will be really important to get proof of postage to insure they reach the buyer safely. The recommended type of postage is signed for 2nd class. I kinda like that idea though because I'm not just a seller but also a buyer who want to ensure that I get the right item in the right time. So far, I was really impressed with the site and could definitely see myself selling items regularly on there.

The buying process is also easy to understand, you browse other Vinty profiles, tap on the items you like, add the item to your favourite list or buy it through the secure payment system. You can actually negotiate the price with sellers to get the best price. Then just wait for your item to arrive at you door. It's a lot more simple than ebay.
In case you are always on the move, the app is also very useful(for iPhone or Android), as you can just do everything over the phone.
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You can find my Vinted Wardrobe HERE 
Leave your questions and comments below!