Friday, 14 February 2014

Hello it's Valentine Series #5 : Mini review on Lush Valentine's day collection

Sawasdee ka~

Happy Valentine's day to all lovely followers and all strangers :) For my last but not least post of the Vday series I decided to do a mini review on Lush Valentine's collection. There are few valentine products that Lush released at the end of last month. Today I will review 2 of the products in this collection. I hope you guys enjoy all the posts in this series. And I'm sure I will make next one very soon!!

Truth be told I'm not actually doing anything special today. I just went to Yo sushi in the afternoon and had lunch with my boyfriend. Actually I think everyday is valentine's day for us anyway and we always surprise each other in odd day so to be honest today is just an ordinary day for me. The picture above actually have nothing related to the topic today but I just want to show you guys my new keychains that I bought a while ago from night market in Taiwan but just realised that I have never used them. So on last Monday I gave one to my boyfriend and another one keep for myself. They are adorable ^__^

Anyway, as my boyfriend will be at work until 4am tomorrow so I will have to spend the night alone. I picked up 2 Lush products I bought earlier this week and used it tonight.
Close to you massage bar (left) and Love locket bath ballistic (right)
"The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. In the same way, you have to unlock (crack open) this Love Locket bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within…"

For the first product : Love locket. 80% of the reason I bought it was a giant heart shaped love locket, that rattles when you shake and the rest goes to its scent. This bath bomb looks really pretty with a scent of sweet floral. On the website it say that if you break in to half you will see a smaller heart bath bomb hidden inside, that's filled with small heart paper confetti. For a lazy girl like me I just throw a whole locket into my bath so I'm not sure whether mine one has a hidden heart bath bomb or not?!. As you can see in the picture it's a huge bath bomb comparing with my hand so for someone that doesn't like to spend 6.95£ in one bath you can break it and use up to 3 times. For me I'm glad that I use a whole thing in my opinion the scent is pretty weak compare to other Lush bath bombs.
Once it hits the water, the shimmer quickly disperses and reveal small heart pink and white paper confetti. It actually fizzed away really quick and turned my bath water a nice shimmering romantic pink water. 
As I want to enjoy my time in bath and want to spend time in there longer than normal I also added a tiny bit of the comforter (a bubble bar) to make a blanket of fruity foam and put this 2 duckies in there with me.
Back to the review, at the centre of the bath bomb were lots of small heart pink and white paper confetti and shiny red hearts made from agar which floated at the surface of the water. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to enjoy these shiny red hearts they melted too quick. Although it claims that both will dissolve entirely, but after I drained water I do notice that there are some pink and white heart paper left in a bath which is pretty disappointed. In term of benefits to my skin after this bath I can't really give any comment because I mix this bath bomb with other product...Sorry

Overall, I like the idea of hearts that made from agar but the whole thing is pretty pricey. If next year Lush make this Locket heart again I probably will not repurchase it. It is a
 miss for me I'm afraid...

Right going to the next review : Close to you massage bar. This massage bar remind me of Snow fairy from last Christmas. The scent is pretty similar with a hint of vanilla sweet but subtle...hummm yummy.
The best think is that the smell stay for hours so it's kind of like having moisturiser and solid perfume in the same time. It melts instantly as soon as it contact with my skin which makes it a perfect massage bar! In another meaning you have to keep it in cool and dry container which is not a problem to me. I have a lots of empty plastic and aluminium boxes.

For the first few second I glided it over my skin, it just like putting dry oil but after that it will slowly absorb to the skin and leave my skin feeling baby soft

If you are a Snow fairy fan, then I would definitely recommend getting this while it last. I definitely repurchase it :)

RRP: Love locket £6.95, Close to you £5.50
Have you tried any of Lush valentine's day collection? What do you think?




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