Sunday, 17 August 2014

SWATCHES & REVIEW : My Lipstick Collection [M.A.C.]

Sawasdee ka~
You can’t say you are a lipstick lover if you don’t own any lipstick from MAC. I guess all lipstick lovers must own at least one MAC lipstick. So my second post of this series will be swatches from MAC.

I remember bought my first ever MAC lipstick about 4 years ago and since then I keep going back there for lipstick. It’s a shame that MAC keeps increasing their price all the time and sale assistant is one of the problems too I’m pretty sure most people experience lack of attention from sale assistant before so I will not talk in detail about it (feel free to share your experience though).  So most of the time, I will go the counter to get some swatches and order them online.

Right stop complaining for now. I will start with mini review here then. Like I mention before about the price, one lipstick will cost from £15.50 to £20 so they are more of a mid-highend price. There are many choice of finishes and colours. I’m sure you will never get bored of swatching them. I actually quite like the packaging, black study little bullet-like with a flat bottom and rounded head. If you keep lipstick upside down like me you might struggle a little bit but that is not the end of the world.

I’m currently own 14 MAC lipsticks. I got 2 of the same colour so there will be only 13 swatches in this post (I will talk about liquid lipstick and lip liner in a separate post). So let’s talk about each lipstick finishes first. Matte yes it’s matte finish but not too drying or cling on your lips  and it has excellent stay power. Retro Matte is pretty similar to matte but the formula is bit more drying on the lips. Satin is my favourite finish this one also similar to matte but with a bit of sheen added to the formula. Amplified is another version of satin with a bit more sheen in it. Cremesheen just like the name it’s creamy finish, the stay power is not so great it would last about a couple of hours. Frost my least favourite formula it’s very shimmery and it doesn’t go well with my lips. Glaze the sheerest MAC lipstick formula that give natural finish while looking glossy. Sheen Suprememe is kind of lipstick/lipgloss hybrid and very moisturising I found that it’s pretty hard to apply straight to the lips as it’s very creamy so lip brush might be needed. Mineralize rich this formula comprised of many different minerals very rich and creamy I think it’s creamier than cremesheen but not as creamy as sheen supreme.
* Limited Edition
My favourite of all the shades I own would be Viva Glam Nikki I love it that much so I bought 2 when it's still available

Which one is you favourite? Any recommendation which colour I should get?


Thursday, 14 August 2014

OOTD: Blue Sky

Sawasdee ke~

After a hectic weather week with lots of rain finally it had a bit of sun on Saturday. My boyfriend and I went to Millennium square to join Leeds City beach event. It's a 3-weeks event start from 9th to 31st of August. This urban beach event features a real sand beach with decking, and a wide range of summer activities and themed rides. Since we haven't had a chance to go any real beach (not yet) so we just pretending that we are on the beach, enjoy sunbathing in a sandy ground and staining my own tongue blue with raspberry icy slushy drink.

I actually didn't plan for this outfit it's basically whatever I can reach. I bought this cute blue dress during Topshop sale 2 weeks ago and it still in in a shopping bag next to my work table so I just grab it and mix and match with few accessories and here you go. I'm ready to enjoy the sun.
Dress : Topshop
Sunglasses :Topshop (different colour)
Bag : Morgan
Sandals : Red herring
Lipstick :Illamasqua in Scandal
Earring and ring : Unknown
Location: Leeds Millennium Square

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?


Sunday, 10 August 2014

SWATCHES & REVIEW : My Lipstick Collection [TOPSHOP]

From left to right : Straight Ace, Inhibition, The Damned, Daredevil, Rio Rio, Brighton Rock, Pillow Talk, Legend, Mexican Wave, Charmed
Sawasdee ka~
I wrote on the lipstick tag post that Topshop is one of my favourite place to go for lipstick. For the first post of the series I will definitely start with this brand. Topshop launched their makeup line few years ago and since then I’m always attracted to their lipstick collection. I love to go in the store and look for new shades or collection. Sometimes I’m just happy to walk around with lipstick swatches on my hand.

There may not be a big colour option to choose from, but what I love is an affordable price with an excellent quality. The packaging so cute yet sturdy with flat top and bottom making it easy to store standing upright. Although the coat will worn off with time but that is not a problem for me as long as the quality of lipstick itself still the same. They provide great pigmentation especially for bright bold colour I don’t even worry about re-apply the lipstick. They have great staying power. From the picture below you can see that even after I use a makeup remover wipe the swatches, there are still some light stains on my arm. I also love their formula they are creamy/velvety that are not drying and don’t leave any dry patch on you lips. *THUMP UP*

So the collection I’m showing you today is only the lipstick that in a bullet like( you know what I mean?). I also have liquids lipstick and chubby lipstick from Topshop but I will leave that for now. Don’t worry you definitely will still see them in near future :)
My favourite of all the shades I own would be Daredevil and Rio Rio. They both are red with pink and orange undertone, respectively. Unfortunately, you probably can't get hold of Daredevil now. I guess it has been discontinued. Hopefully one day Topshop will relaunch this colour again.

Which one is you favourite? Any recommendation which colour I should get?
Stay tuned for my MAC lipstick collection. I'll post it next Sunday