Wednesday, 1 April 2015

HOW-TO : [MAKEUP] Flower Power...Spring is coming

Sawasdee ka everyone~
As spring is approaching UK slowly I think it would be a good idea to do a how-to that has inspiration from flower. I'm personally love colourful flower and always find a nice bunch of flowers to fill up my beautiful vase at home. 

My inspiration for today how-to is from Chrysanthemum. It symbolise optimism and joy. It also has a wide range of colour from white to purple to red with a yellowish centre. And the colour I picked was purplely-pink Chrysanthemum. 

Here are my makeup that I used for this look.

  1. Make Up Store Skin Serum
  2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation "53"
  3. Cover FX Cream Foundation "E40"
  4. M.A.C Studio Finish SPF35 "NC20"
  5. RCMA Series Favorites Palette "Highlight/Contour"
  6. Corn Silk Translucent Loose Face Powder
  7. Illamasqua Powder Blusher "Naked Rose"
  8. Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint "Dark Brown"
  9. M.A.C. Eye Shadow "Mystery"
  10. Maybelline Sculpting Brow Mascara "Dark Brown"
  11. Sleek MakeUp I Divine : Ultramatte V1
  12. RIMMEL Scandaleyes : Waterproof Kohl Kajal
  13. RIMMEL Scandaleyes : Shadow Stick
  14. Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara Waterproof
  15. MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner "02 Pink Petal"
  16. M.A.C. Matte Lipstick "Dodgy Girl"
  17. RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer "Atomic Rose"
  18. Eyelash Forever By Eyelashgeek
  19. Bisous Bisous Liquid Eyeliner

❤︎ FACE 
1. Clean your face and apply your routine moisturiser all over your face and neck
2. Apply silicone base primer to blur out visible pore. Then apply foundation all over your face and neck using buffing brush from Real Techniques. Conceal where needed then highlight you cheek bone and nose and contour under apple cheek to frame you face RCMA Series Favorites Palette "Highlight/Contour"
3. Buff and blend everything in then press in Corn Silk Translucent Loose Powder to set your base
4. Flush your cheek with Illamasqua blush 
❤︎ Eyebrow
1. Mapping your brows with Makeup Revolution brow tint using angled brow brush
2. Powder your brown with MAC brown eyeshadow using another angled brow brush
3. Blend the colour with cotton bud and use brow mascara on top to make your brows loon more natural

❤︎ Eyes
1. Apply eye primer if needed. Then apply pink eyeshadow around outer corner and socket follow the pink dot line 
2. Apply purple eyeshadow slightly below pink eyeshadow follow the purple dot line
3. Apply yellow eyeshadow on the middle of your lid
4. Blend the edge of eyeshadow softly with white eyeshadow
5. Apply purple eye pencil at waterline
6. Use eyeliner brush apply pink eyeshadow around lash line
7. Draw an eyeliner using liquid liner across your upper lids and winged out a little bit. Then use purple eye pencil connect the edge between waterline and wing
8. Highlight your inner corner with white jumbo pencil eyeshadow
9. Curl your lashes, stick you false lashes on and apply mascara
1. Apply nude lip liner 
2. Apply lilac colour lipstick all over your lips
3. Use nudey pink lip lacquer  around the inner lips to get an ombre lips effect

Contact lens : Dream Color "Grey Zara"

What do yo think about this look?

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SWATCHES & REVIEW : Makeup Revolution [Part Two]

Sawasdee ka~

How could I resist buying more lipstick when I have a chance. If you can remember I did swatches and review on various products from Makeup Revolution earlier last week.  As you can see there were too many products to show in one post so I will continue my second part here. If you are lipstick lover you might like this post.
I'm a lipstick junkie and my lipstick collection is growing bigger and bigger each day. However I feel like there is something missing from my collection. Last year I showed my lipstick collection in my lipstick tag post and on the last question that ask about lipstick I'm lust after. My answer was I lust after odd lipstick colours. So finally I have a chance to buy it at a very cheap price tag. Believe it or not, it only costs me £1 - £2.99 each. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the quality of a £1 lipstick but what is the worst that can happen? At the end I manage to buy 7 lipsticks in total!

Well I'm not only after odd colour but, as you can see, I also buy peachey nudey shades. I only bought 3 odd shade as I'm not quite sure whether I will like it.
Obviously the packaging doesn't look appealing, at least for me. The lid comes off easiliy so bare that in mind if you think about putting it in you bag. Well, but that is what I expect from cheap lipstick anyway.

The consistency of pigment is vary from colour to colour. I would say Depraved (purple) is the best out of 3 odd colours. It's glide on really well and has good enough pigment to cover my lip colour but Atomic (green) and Felony (yellow) are the opposite. Pigment is not that great and they made my lips look streaky. I have to applied few coats to get the right colour. However, at this price tag I don't want to do much complain.

For Bliss, Marshmellow Kiss Baby doll and Dream about success. They all stay on for a good amount of time. I find it is better to put a bit of lip balm or concealer on my lips first.
Overall I actually really like these lipsticks.  For the price I really can't complain that much and the quality is not bad at all. I think they are good for experimenting with new colour. Especially if you are after odd shade and don't want to spend too much money on lipstick that you know you probably use just  few times. Makeup Revolution is a good destination.

Have you tried lipstick from Makeup Revolution before? What do you think about it?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SWATCHES & REVIEW : Makeup Revolution [Part One]

Sawasdee ka~

I have seen posts about Makeup Revolution for awhile but I've never had a chance to have a good look at this brand until recently. The brand is well-known for making a good dupe from a good brand with an affordable price. After I play around with the items I ordered I can confirm that they provide pretty good quality products too
❤︎ Essential Matters 2 Eyeshadow Palette (£4)
Some of you might already know that MakeUp revolution makes a perfect palette dupe for Urban Decay Naked and swatches on the internet sure look convincing. However I already owned Nake 2 and 3 so I prefer something different. I end up order this matte eyeshadow palette which I love...the pigment and colour are amazing! Although I have to say I didn't like the packaging but with this price tag I don't expect much anyway. This palette also comes with a sponge applicator but I never use them as I prefer using my finger or brushes.
Swatches from left to right as you can see them in the palette
The palette has 12 shades with neutral colours that perfect for everyday use. All of them gives a really good colour payoff. You can build up the colours to however heavy or sheer you like.
❤︎ Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten-Flush (£4)
Is it look familiar to you? It looks exactly like Sleek Makeup highlight and contour palette. Again it shows a good colour payoff on your skin.

❤︎ I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts-Peachy Pink Kisses (£4.99)
Again, this is another dupe for Two Faces Hearts Blusher but I don't own any of them so I can't really compare the quality. The blush inside is gorgeous with 3 different shades but I only do a one swatch for the mix of 3 together. I think most of you will use it that way anyway. It's very shimmery blush which will be noticeable if you look closely.

❤︎ Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Medium (£3)
Another product that remind me of Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. It's something I've never tried before so I think I shall start of with Makeup Revolution before try more expensive one from MUFE. I love the product but it would be better if there are more shade available (currently 4 shades). It, somehow, show up a reddish brown on my brow which look quite weird but it can be fix with some dark brown eyeshadow on top. It's very pigmented so you only need small amount.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with my purchase. It's such an affordable makeup brand with great quality product. If you want to get new makeup but don't want to spend too much on it this brand would be great option to start off.

Stay tuned for part two :)