Thursday, 28 November 2013

Easy Christmas Nails Idea

Sawasdee ka~

Today I have an easy nails idea to show you guys. It's very easy and you can do it by yourself. Personally I don't like to go to beauty salon for manicure so I always paints my nails by myself and every time when I want to do a bit of nails art I need to make sure that it's easy and I can do it by both of my hands.
Talk about Christmas I like to think about things in red&white with glitters so my inspiration start from there. There are plenty of ideas that came in to my mind and then my thought bubble popped up...."candy stick" I had few week ago.
Step 1: The base for these nails was Orly - Star Spangled (I got this as a free gift from Cosmo magazine December). I painted 2 layers and waited until it dry
Step 2: Use a dotting tool and Barry M textured nail effect - Lady draw heart at the corner of my nails
Step 3: Paint small dots on ring finger nail
Step 4:Use a larger dotting tool paint stripe on thumb nail
Step 5: Finish off with a topcoat to seal in my design, and I'm done!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments :)



Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review : Golden Wonder

Sawasdee ka~

Last week I tried one of Lush Christmas products called "Golden Wonder". For someone who like to shake your Christmas presents you as well should give this little parcel a shake, listen and imagine what is it in there. This bath bomb looks really pretty & glittery (always get attracted to glittery stuff). When you smell it, it does smell like orange-citrusy.  I found this quite uplifting and pleasant!
Once it hits the water, the shimmer quickly disperses and reveal layers of different colours.

It actually fizzed away after about 1 minute (really quite huh?!) and turned my bath water a nice shimmering turquoise. At the centre of the bath bomb were lots of golden stars which floated at the surface of the water, before slowly melted away.
Although it claims that there’ll be no sparkly bits left to clean out of your bath afterwards. I do notice that there are some gold shimmers left around my bath tub in the morning. I didn't notice any benefits to my skin after this bath, which, it doesn't claim to do, but it would have been nice :)

Overall, I think if you're after a genuinely nice, refreshing citrusy smelling bath product, this would be perfect. Would I buy it again? Definitely!

rrp: £3.50
Have you tried Lush christmas range yet?



Friday, 22 November 2013

Primark Christmasy Haul...Get Warm and Comfy with me :)

Sawasdee ka~
Today I come with haul again. Yesterday I went to Primark with an intention to buy my boyfriend a pyjama, but it turned out I get a bit carried away *sigh*
Talking about legging, during autumn/winter time I love to wear legging rather than jeans or trousers. I feel like it  gives my legs warmer. When I stepped in Primark the first thing I saw is red legging with a brocade type print in black velvet. It's an elasticated waist that just pulls on with a nice strong fabric with a little but not much stretch. I love the fact that it quite thick as well, normally whenever I want to buy a pair of leggings in Primark I can never get any as it's a thin fabric and I don't really like to show my panties in public.

Twinkle twinkle little star ★ , next I got this starry fluffy cardi. It's really soft and comfy material. I'm sure it gonna keep me warm for whole autumn.
Can you see how cute is this beanie with little bear ear? Never though it will suit me but feel like I need to come out from my comfort zone. It's  actually really cute although it's a little bit bigger than my pea head size. But it's just 3£ can't complain much with that price.
My love at first sight owl dressy pyjama. It's so soft, furry and cute in the same time. Don't have to say much about this if you find it in shop you will know why I love it. Another Pj I got is a winter pyjama "cuddle me" thick fleece. Look at that polka dots bottom really make me excited about Christmas. I love Pjs from here a lot I actually buy this set every year. When I have a day in, Primark Pj bottom is one of my first choices.
They are pretty simple socks. I bought 2 over the knee socks in black and grey. I like to wear knee length boots with long socks to keep my feet warm. At first I planned to buy new socks in Gap but after I saw my basket (that full of everything) I feel like I can't go anywhere apart from home. And also a pack of pinky 5 pairs socks. Socks here are not as soft as the one I bought in Gap but I will give them a try. Who know it might get softer after a wash.
Christmas slippers from Primark are adorable. My friend and I like to shop for new slippers here every year. She'd already back to Thailand and this cute Rudolf slippers remind me a lot of her so I decided to buy them and showed them off to her. They're quite big though but I don't care they're really soft with nice padding.
Grey doggy door stopper. I've been wanting a new door stopper for a while and when I spotted this little dog I just walk straight to the shelf. It's pretty heavy so I really think it will work, but the problem is when I tried to use it with the door at home it doesn't really do it job the door just slid and closed*fail*
And last but not least, my boyfriend pyjama, yeahhhhhh~ he said he want a thick snuggly pyjama. It's the only set that is fleece so I have no choice. He also has no choice he must like it.

Hope you enjoy my haul and have a nice weekend ❤


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bleach London - I SAW RED non permanent hair colour


Last week when I was wandering around in Boots looking for some more beauty product that on 3 for 2 deal (you've got me every year Boots, well done), and then I spotted this Bleach London hair dye products. The packaging and colour of dyes were really attract me. I know that it has been out since the beginning of October but I don't really know why I just notice these products. After I read a description on the bottle that it's non - permanent hair colour and it doesn't contain peroxide ,which is the main ingredient that damage your hair, I decided to give it a go . The colour I chose is "I saw RED" (it cost 5£). Red is actually one of my favourite colour :)

I have been wanting to dye my hair red for a long time but because my hair was in bizarre with split-end all over the place so I've banned myself from dying my hair for more than a year. I think my hair look a lot better now but it still not in a good condition. So non-permanent dye might be the best choice for me to change my look for some times. My hair is naturally black at roots with a dark blonde around the tips I don't really expect that my hair will turn out to be super red like the label.

I started with washing my hair with shampoo like normal then blow dye my hair (eventhough it said on the bottle to towel dried hair, it just too cold to wait until my hair dry by itself). Next I put on rubber gloves, I separated hair in to few sections and then massaged the dye in each section. For my long hair I used whole bottle to ensue that I cover all the hair. Next step is wait for 15 minute I actually left for 20 minute because I was in the middle of doing something. Then I rinse it out with warm water. At that moment I just feel like I'm seriously injured as my white bath tub was turned to red colour like blood. The last step was blow dry my hair again and look at the result...
As you see my hair around the roots is still same colour as before :( but around the tips it's actually turned red.
Left: after bleach Right: after 2 washes
Overall, I'm okay with the result (if I don't count that the colour stained my bathroom counter and it doesn't work on my natural hair colour). It freaked me out a little bit when I massaged dye in my hair and my hair go stiff and hard but after washed and blow dried my hair it looks fine to me with no damage. After first wash the colour fade a little bit. For second wash my hair doesn't look that red any more instead it seems like it changed to red-brownish. It claims that this non-permanent hair colour will fades out in 2 - 10 washes. So it's not that bad.

If you decide to try this temporary hair dye click here. And don't forget to buy rubber gloves and prepare some old cloth to put on when you dye your hair. Also, I do not recommend this product to someone who have dark hair. In my opinion if you have a good hair condition it might be better to buy a permanent hair dye :)

Have any of you tried any Bleach London products yet? Do you like it?



Sunday, 17 November 2013

Massive Christmas Lush Haul


 It's been a really stress week for me as I'm due to submit my report so on last Friday I decided to sooth my nerve with a shopping therapy. Yayyyyyyy

The shop that I go is Lush. I'm always a fan of Lush by the fact that it's all natural. I also like the fact that it's not tested on animals. And things that draw my attention the most at the moment are Lush bath bombs. Because in the UK it start to get cold and the best thing to do is sit back and relax in a warm bath...hmmmmm just think about it I feel good already. My mad shopping resulted in a huge haul of heavily scented goodies that will keep me stocked up well into next year

Most of the products I bought are only come out around the Christmas time so if you like any of these don't forget to pop in Lush store and have a look. Trust me you will have fun :)

And this is what I get...

 ❤ Bath Ballistic
    1. Bombardino 2.50£ Love that cute little face and it smells fab!  
 2. So white 3.25£ This one smell like an apple which I think it will be a good bath bomb when I need to get some freshness 
  3. Cinders 2.45£ Personally I don't really like cinnamon but there are many reason that persuade me to buy this little bath bomb. First of all the guy the the shop said that it's one of his favourite (so?!). Secondly I've seen a lots of good reviews about it and lastly it have popping candy on top which claim to make a popping fire sound!    
4. Honey Bee 3.25£ Yeah it just smell like its name. I adore the smell.   
5. Golden Wonder 3.50£ Who can ignore this gold glittery parcel gift bath bomb?! I guess "none". If you give it a little shake you will hear something inside it as well. Excited?
 6. Shoot for the stars I didn't mean to buy this bath bomb at the first place but because the guy (again) said that it will turn your bath to amazing colour like a blue space. I love space and astronaut so why not buy one? 
  7. Secret Santa I have to say I bought this because of Louise, I saw her photo holding this bath bomb on instragram and it looked nice. It smells quite citrusy. In fact it actually smell like whole Lush store in one go. It's also the heaviest bath bomb I have ever seen
 ❤ Bubble bar
   1. Magic Wand 4.95£ Sweet smelling just like Snow Fairy shower gel which is one of my favourite scent. What you have to do is swirl in you bath tub. It will last for a long time. Great value!
   2. Christmas Eve 2.95£ I love jasmine scent and this is exactly what it smell like
   3. The comforter 4.50£ This bubble bar is twice as big as the others. I think it will worth the money if you cut it in to half or more pieces and that gives you more than one use. It also give a gorgeous fruity smell

❤ Luxury Bath Melt
    Melting Marshmallow Moment 3.95£ This bath melt is another product that smell like Snow fairy with a hint of marshmallow. I've never bought bath melt from Lush before so I decided to give it a try.

For better descriptions check the website. I will review some of these bath bombs later when I actually use them :)

Hope you enjoy my haul


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Start with a Kiss...Nars Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection 2013

Sawadee ka~ Welcome :) I finally decided to set up my own blog (again). I have been wanting to have a blog and shared my experience for long time and hopefully I can inspire some people out there. Actually I once had a blog about a year ago but one day everything is gone. By the mean "gone" = completely gone, all my posts and reviews were disappeared (some how) so I stop everything there. But now here we go me again. Personally, I obsessed with lip products, it's not just lipstick but also bags or things that come in lip shape...I know it sounds weird but don't you guys think lip shape is attractive? This is also why my blog's name is Kiss Me Sunday.

As my blog's name is Kiss Me Sunday so in my first post I would like to do something that related to the name.

NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection 2013.  
There are few box sets in this collection and the one I chose is called Fling. The collection just released on the 1st of November with the shocking price of 30£. Normally Nars lipstick cost 18.50£  but in this set you will get 2 of them including another 2 lip pencils...hmmm worth it <3
The packaging is lovely, isn't it? I just can't resist but walk straight to cashier with this box in my hand. And I think many girls will do the same as me when they spot this cute little box.

Dolce Vita, Baroque, Damage and Roman holiday

It features 4 lip products :
- Pastel pink "Roman Holiday" lipstick
- Mauve red "Damage' lipstick
- Dusty rose "Dolce Vita" velvet matte lip pencil
- Red berry "Baroque" velvet gloss lip pencil

Swatches from left: Roman Holiday, Damage, Baroque and Dolce Vita

Although the choice of colours is a bit less statement than I expect but overall I like all 4 colours because they are all wearable in day to day basis. They can be worn in this festive time or even in spring time. 

In my opinion, Nars might want to make the colours appeal to as many people as possible. That why they are neutral enough to go with a wide range of skin tones.

Anyway, it is a limited edition collection so if you want to get a hand on it hurry up.