Sunday, 23 February 2014

Duty free make up and skincare purchase

Sawasdee ka~
Last month I went back to Thailand and also have a chance to travel to Japan  for a week and that means...Duty free shopping spree :) Somehow I managed to buy significantly more than I thought I would (dahhh...typical me lol)
So the first thing I bought from London Heathrow (yep I know I hadn't even out of UK yet but I got one thing in my bag already). I had been wanting this Marc Jacobs Honey perfume for ages.
The set includes: Honeywell perfume (100ml) and Honey Body Lotion (150ml). From what I can remember this set is about £57 (please correct me if it's wrong) in Debenhams. So when I saw £43.05 price tag on this box set I just can't ignore it but put in my shopping basket straight away. It smells really fresh and pleasant.

Few days after I arrive Thailand, my sisters and I went to duty free shopping mall called "King Power".  We spent half day wandering in there and bought few items. First item I bought there is a moisturizer box set from GoodSkin Labs. This box set contains duo pack of eye cream and anti aging face cream. My sister told me that the face cream one is very good so I decided to give it a try.
Next things I didn't buy but they are free gifts from Origin
- 15 ml Plantscription anti aging cream
- 15 ml Plantscription anti aging serum
- 15 ml Make a difference plus+ rejuvenating treatment fortified. It will help add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin.

I have never tried any of these products yet so I can't give any comment on them. But as I always love Origin skincare range these are pretty good gifts for me when I travel.
Next purchase is Laneige water sleeping pack. It's a leave on overnight mask. I heard many good reviews about it so it's another product to give it a try. This sleeping pack comes with tiny plastic spatula for application. It's light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation. It claims that it helps to keep your skin look more crystal clear and vitalized.
I've used it about 3 times now but still not really sure whether I should like it?! I do find it's moisturized my skin over night and make I face feel softer in the morning but sometimes I get tiny breakouts/bumps on my skin. Maybe it's not from the product itself but who know?  I promise I will give you a full review when I use it long enough :)
Next, my sister bought MAC stroke of midnight gold eye bag set which including paint pot, fluidline intense black with gold pearl, mascara, 209 eye Liner/239 eye shader double-ended brush and small make up bag. Actually she only wanted the paint pot and eyeliner pot so she gave me the rest of the bag. Lucky me~
Last piece I got from King Power is Burberry lipstick in Devon sunset. It's a orangy coral colour. This is my second lipstick from Burberry. The colour pay off really well and I like the way how it's moisturize my lip.

If you have a chance to go Thailand and want to shop in duty free shopping mall I need to mention that collection of the duty free items must be made inside the airport.
And my last purchase I made before I come back to UK is this gorgeous mini brushes set from Bobbi brown. Inside the gold square case, there are mini 4 brushes. As I'm travelling a lots each year, this set is definitely useful for me.

So there you have it, my beauty buys while I was in holidays! Yep, I know I'm a shopaholic girl.

Do you buy a lot of beauty products when you go overseas? Do you have any funny duty free stories? Comment below!




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