Tuesday, 24 February 2015

HOW-TO : [MAKEUP] Pink Day Day to Night with Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette

Sawasdee ka~
The other day I was playing around with my new Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette and create this look. This is going to be my second tutorial and hopefully you enjoy it :)

Here are my makeup that I used for this look.

❤︎ Face
1. Clean your face and apply your normal moisturiser all over your face and apply silicone base primer to blur out visible pore
2. Apply foundation using wet synthetic sponge
3. Conceal where needed
4. Highlight your cheek bone and nose with Aurora and contour under apple cheek and frame your face with Hollow cream contour from the palette
5. Press in translucent powder to set your base
3.  Flush your cheek with Tremble blush

❤︎ Eyebrows

1. Start enhancing your brows by mapping out a strong eyebrow shape on your face using an eyebrow pencil. 
2. Then powder with Thunder eyeshadows 
3. Blend the colour well with cotton bud and use brow mascara to make your brows look more natural

❤︎ Eyes
1. Apply eye primer if needed
2. Apply Feint on eye socket follow the red dot line 
3. Press in Vision around inner corner eye and under brow bone
4. Apply Thunder along eye socket again with smaller brush so you still can see the gradient of colour
5. Apply Servant eyeshadow below crease following the nude dot line
6. To the end of your eyes use Machine
7. Blend the edge of eyeshadow softly
8. Draw a cat eyeliner using liquid eyeliner across your upper lids
9. Apply white pencil liner to you lower water line
10. Draw a black line around 2/3 of lower water line
11. Curl your lashes and apply mascara
12. Double coat mascara for thicker longer eyelashes

❤︎ Lips

1. Use matte liquid lipstick for longer lasting colour

❤︎ Make up Store Skin Serum as primer
❤︎ Foundation  Illamasqua Skin Base "SB 6.5"

❤︎ Concealer Cover FX "E40" and MAC Studio Finish "NC20"

❤︎ Powder Corn Silk Translucent Loose Powder

❤︎ Brow pencil Kiss natural eyebrow pencil "03"

❤︎ Brow mascara Meybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara "Dark brown" 

❤︎ Liquid eyeliner Bisous Bisous Luxury Eye Dream Eyeliner "Black"

❤︎ Rimmel Scandaleyes shade stick "Witness White"

❤︎ Lipstick Illamaqua Matte Lip Liquid "Forbidden"

❤︎ Pencil liner Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on "Zero"

❤︎ Mascara Maybelline Falsie Volum Express Waterproof

What do you think about this look? 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

SWATCHES & REVIEW : Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette in Aura

Sawasdee ka~
Some of you that follow me on Facebook might already know that 2 weeks ago Illamaqua had a big winter sale. When Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette was launched last year I was so excited and really want to get my hand on it. But I was a bit hesitate when I saw the price tag. However, the chance has arrived when Illamasqua did a 70% off discount on this palette which cost me £13.50!! On my God ! how could I resist?

The palette is a selection of existing bestsellers shades, all packed into one compact. The packaging is a simple black square shape. It's the travel palette of my dreams. It would be great for someone who like to travel light. You basically can get almost whole face done with this palette.
The palette features 8 products plus a double ended angle and blending brush. It is filled with neutral, wearable, flattering shades with a slight edge. It contains gleam cream in aurora, tremble blush, eye brow cake in thunder, cream pigment in hollow, and the eyeshadows in vision, feint, servant and machine.  
To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed on a double ended angle and blending brush. I would rather have more product than this unusable brush. Oh well~ that is my only complain though. Other than that I love the whole colour selection and the quality of the product.
So here is the swatch of the palette. As you can see it's really beautiful and pigmented.  This is a lovely palette. I'm particularly pleased to see it include cult favourites such like Aurora and Hollow. Apparently this palette is limited edition so if you like the look of it check it out at www.illamasqua.com 

What do you think about this palette?


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Winter Sale Haul (ASOS, New Look, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Accessorize)

Sawasdee ka~
As you can see above... I went a bit crazy with all the sale during this winter lol. Here's what I have picked up from high street stores over last month. I don't know whether you like this kind of this post but for me..I love to have a peek on what people got. So I might as well post about it.

❤︎ Accessories
- Camera shape bag from Accessorize. I like to collect bag that has different shape from normal bag so how can I resist this cute little bag.
- Pink flower ring from Accessorise
- Ear cuff earring from New Look
- Necklace from Miss Selfridge
- Velvet elastic band from Topshop
❤︎ Shoes
I ordered these shoes from ASOS in one go. When the parcel arrived I asked my boyfriend to open it. I want to see his reaction really. One thing he said was I will never understand you. To make it funnier he actually built a huge shoe rack for me which to be honest I can't fit all my shoes in lol
❤︎ Winter hug
It's still pretty cold out there in UK and  a warm comfy scarf and earmuff are something that I need. I got snooze scarf and earmuff from Topshop
As you can see, if wear this clothes now I probably freeze to death but it's not a bad idea to prepare myself for upcoming spring/summer, right? I got the navy dress from ASOS and the rests are from Topshop. 

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my newbies. What did you buy during sale? 
If you post something like this, feel free to share a link in comment as I said above I'm a bit nosy :)