Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hello it's Valentine Series #3 : DIY Card

Sawasdee ka~

My third post on "Hello it's Valentine Series" will be about DIY Card. This year card I got an inspiration from flowers and I combined with heart shape...thing you can't ignore on Valentine's day. I tried to make it simple but unique and tah-dahhhh, this is what my card look like :)

What you will need:
❤ Compasses                                                           
❤ Pen and Pencils                                                    
❤ Scissors                                                                
❤ Exacto knife                                                         
❤ 6 mini craft brads
❤ Double-sided tape or glue
❤ Paper cutting board
❤ Coloured papers

How to make it
1. Use compasses to draw a circle shape at the back of gold glitter paper (around 6" in diameter) 
2. Use an exacto knife, cut out the circle shape you draw. I don't use scissors to cut this one because the paper is quite thick and I think the knife make a sharper edge

 3.  Use the sharp end of compasses to pierce 6 holes around the edge of glitter paper. You can also use paper piercer 

4. Cut out 2 heart sizes that are about 3" and 2" tall. Use them as templates to cut out 12 additional hearts. 6 with with thick paper and another 6 with red thick paper

5. Pierce a hole above the bottom edge of heart shape paper.

 6. Put craft brads through a hole and hold them together with circle gold glitter paper. Then split the legs of craft brad at the back of glitter paper
7. Repeat it until you have 6 hearts on the card

8. Write down "Valentine" in a bold font on white paper, cut and then glue them in the middle of glitter paper
9. Write down secret letters or message on each of white heart. I also add my cheeky lip stamp on one of the hearts

10. Cut out another round circle (same size as gold glitter one) then stick it with glue or double-sided tape at the back of gold glitter paper to hide the mess. Then you can write down your message to your loved one :)

Hope you like my card idea. 
Do you guys make your own Valentine card this year? Please share the idea




  1. This is such a good idea:) your very talented :)

  2. Super cool idea, I am so going to try.
    I loved your blog so much I even joined ❤
    please visit mines at:

  3. Hello! Just to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and so I nominated you for the Liebster award...the details of it are on my blog :)


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