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2014 Beauty Favourites

Sawasdee ka~
Happy New Year everyone! I know I know I have been disappearing for errrrr...almost 3 months >__<  I'm really sorry for not keeping you up to date. Well, apart from having little holiday in Thailand (which I will write a post about it some time soon), I actually busy with writing paper publication. If you are new to my page you might not know that I'm currently a final year PhD student so thesis and writing up some scientific journal are my first priorities. But don't worry I won't leave this blog I will still be here to make a regular post :)

In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to have tried a lot of beauty products. Surely, there will be hits and misses. And as the new year start, I think it would be great to write about products I've been loving in 2014 ( I realise that I might be the last person doing this -__-") and I have a pretty strong feeling they’ll be leading the way in my routine in 2015 as well. 

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner is an essential step in my skincare routine. I have been using it for 2 years. Although at some point I get bored and want to try something new but I always end up go back to this toner. I have acne prone skin so tea tree is actually natural product that can work really well with my skin type. It's cheap and it works wonders. My crazy acne seems to be reduced, and new acne seems smaller and more manageable

Biotherm Life Plankton Essence Well this product was launched in Thailand some time last year and many Thai bloggers have been raving about it. So when I when back to Thailand I bought myself 2 bottles and end up loving this product! It help healing my problem skin and make my skin looks more radiant and softer. It's expensive (almost £50 for 125 ml) but if you want to invest something on you skin this it worth a try. Unfortunately, this product is unavailable in UK. From what I know it only available in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Another product that I keep repurchasing it over and over  (especially when it's on offer lol). I used it every morning and evening before moisturised my face. Although I have oily skin but my skin also dehydrate. This thing doesn't clog my pore, not sticky and keep my face hydrate without making my face greasy. Hydraluron is  not an overnight miracle though, it takes time to actually feel the benefit of using it.

Origin Super Spot Remover This tiny blue bottle works really well with spot. You may think this is a measly amount (10 ml), but I have been using this constantly for around 6 month. and it just doesn't seem to disappear that much. Well, I usually only apply the product on the pimple and not the skin around it. Meaning I don't go overboard and put it everywhere. I notice that the spot either calm down or disappears after around few days.

Hiruscar Post Acne The last product I love in skincare category is this magic tube. I have been using many products that claim to reduce acne scar before and by far this is the best. I found that it speeds up the process of lighten the dark post acne mark. The effects were not noticeable by the day but after a period of time the result is pretty obvious.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Liquid Foundation Hands down my most favourite and used foundation of the year. I have loads of foundations in my stash from both high street and high end brands but this one is actually the best of them all. I love it so much so easy to find and so affordable. I love how it feel on my skin and how easy it is to blend. It's light and not cakey but it has good coverage

Benefit Porefessional What can I say about this I think most of people know what it does. I usually put it on a specific area on my face where large pore visible not all over my face before apply foundation. It make my makeup goes on smoothly and help reduce the appearance of pore around my T-zone. Believe it or not, this one little tube last me over a year so if you think about it, it's not expensive at all.

Benefit Hoola This product is brilliant for contouring. I like to contour my face to give a bit of dimension to it. It is perfect for using both day and night. I use it basically almost everyday not just for contour my face but as an eyebrow powder as well.

Kiss Eye Brow Pencil If you can remember earlier last year I post a beauty haul from Japan, here. And this is one of the items that I bought with me when I went to Japan. A twist up brow pencil that perfect for lazy girl like me. No more sharpener. I would say it's pretty expensive if you buy from the link I gave you but it actually considers really cheap if you go to drugstore in Japan. What I love about this product is its consistency and the lasting power.

Sleek MakeUp Eye&Cheek Dancing till Dusk 27 Another great value palette that I always reach for especially when I travel. Last year was the year of travel I have been to many places and packing my make up is actually one of my problems. This palette actually saves me a lot of space. It's a great basic colours range that will suitable for both casual and glam effect.

Burberry Lip Cover Devon Sunset 2 As much as I love bold lipstick I also into nudey lipstick last year. And the lipstick that I always reach for when I want some corally nude is this Burberry lip cover. It applies really nicely, light-weight and very opaquely which no patchiness feeling

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless I have been loving ever since I can get my hand on it. It's really pretty red colour. Easy to apply,very long wearing and it's only £3. What else could I ask for. I will upload more review about it on my next week post :)

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo Talking about dry shampoo I'm a bit sceptical about it. In my head I only think about powdery dry white head that make me feel itchy so I didn't expect much when I bought this dry shampoo. Turn out I love it so much after the first time I have used it. I was left with hair that looked nice and non-greasy and to my surprise this is the first dry shampoo I have used which doesn't leave a white power residue or make me feel itchy. And it smell AMAZING!

Have you ever tried any of these products?



  1. I use that same dry shampoo! Great selection of products here. And to answer the question you asked me on my blog, the lipstick in that post is called "Shame" and it's by Urban Decay!

  2. beautiful…Such an inspiration!
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  3. I love that dry shampoo

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  8. The wake me up foundation is my favourite too! :)


  9. love the lush tea tree water and the porefessionel, some of my fav products too :) xx

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  12. great product dear, I love rimmel wake me up :)

  13. What a great selection! Love the Burberry lipstick I have the oxblood one and absolutely love it!! Hehe~ :) xo~ Lena

    1. Thank you I might have to check Oxblood too lol

  14. Great cosmetics <3

  15. That Velvet lipstick omg! So cool that you found an affordable one, matte lipsticks like these are hard to find at an affordable price!


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  21. Oh dear, I love the MUA velvet lacquers! I have the shade Reckless, too and it's just awesome. The dry shampoo looks really nice, too <3 thanks for the tips


    1. I will do a full review on MUA velvet lip lacquers soon. Stay tuned :)

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