Wednesday, 30 July 2014

OOTD : Epic Weekend @ Bolton Abbey

Sawasdee ka~
Another short adventure for my boyfriend and me again. It was a lovely Saturday last week. The weather had been really great so far. Pretty hot and Sunny. We went to Bolton Abbey in the afternoon. For someone who interested in going there using public transport make sure you check bus timetable before hand. It is an excellent place to go in a very hot day because you can also swim in the river and enjoy the sunshine. I saw many families went there for BBQ and sun bathing too.  Apart from enjoying the riverside, the things that you should not be missed are the stepping stones that lay across the river and also the walk trail through the woodland.

The look I went for was a mixture of 90's and 80's style. The main ideas are croptop and contrast colours (yellow and purple).  To rock to total look I also did a milky braids hairstyle :)

Croptop : H&M
Skater skirt : Ebay
Sunglasses : Topshop
Bag : Topshop
Purple watch : Marc Jacobs
Earrings and ring : Thai market
Sandals : Primark
Lipstick : MAC in Kelly OSbourne Collection "Dodgy Girl"
Location: Bolton Abbey

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?


Sunday, 27 July 2014

SWATCHES & REVIEW : Essie For Summer 2014

Sawasdee ka~
About beginning of the month while I was wandering around Boots, I spotted  a white box with 3 mini nail polish bottles on Essie shelf and get drawn to them. Essie brought out 3 collection for this summer but I like this one the most. For the whole set, it's called Summer 2014 Collection. Okay, maybe not the whole set but just these 3 colours that come in a box (there are 2 more colours in the collection). The colours are just sooooooo pretty ^____^ All of the polishes are opaque so 2 coats is actually enough to give a nice pigmented finish. They glide on really well, smooth and no streak.

Roarrrrange the name somehow made me think about Sullivan from Monster, Inc. Anyway, it is a bright orange shade. It is the colour for Summer 2014!  It’s a creamy base but on the first coat it appears sheer, then by the 2nd coat I was able to achieve a nice pigmented colour

Haute In The Heat is a raspberry red. Although it's not the most unique shade but really pretty on!

Ruffles & Feathers is an emerald green my favourite out of 3. This polish totally caught my eye when I saw on the display. It gives a feeling of the tropics all over it.
RRP £12.99 you can buy it here
Have you bought any new nail polish this summer?


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Glamour Beauty Summer Edit Box

Sawasdee ka~
Beauty box subscription has landed to beauty blogger world for a few years now. To be honest I love the idea of getting lots of items in one box but I don't really like guessing what are it in the box.  So this is the first beauty box I have ever purchased and this beauty box has no subscription and I know what is inside before hand.

Glamour magazine's beauty editor, Alessandra Steinherr, collaborate with Latest in Beauty and brought out the Glamour Beauty Edit Boxes that are bursting with goodies. In a box you will find 9 different products with a bargain price of £16.95 with no delivery charge. The products are worth over £86 if you buy individually! I'm so excited when the lovely postman delivered the box to me last week. I'm really surprise by the box size (thought it would be bigger) and have no idea how they pack full size products in the box. Let's see what I get below:
❤︎ Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan BB skin perfector : For someone who has no chance to go anywhere this summer but want to get some tan. This is a must-have item. It's a subtle instant glow without an orange or streaky finish. It's a wash off formula that promises to last up to 24 hours. I'm still not sure whether it lasts for that long I only try it on my boyfriend once but I love the colour.

❤︎ Toni&Guy volume plumping whip : This product just sounds great! It promises to give a smooth and supersized 'do without a crunchy feel. Who doesn't like a va-va-voom hair?

❤︎ Magnigibres brush-on false lashes : I heard lots of good reviews about this product but still not really sure whether I want it as I personally have long eyelashes. It's good that this product include in a box so I can try it out. I probably do a full review on it later when I use this product long enough.

❤︎ Illamasqua glamore lipstick : Illamasqua has launched new nude lipstick collection about 2 weeks ago and when I know that this is included in a box I just feel like I'm over the moon. I have been wanting this lipstick collection before it's even launch and I'm sure I will buy more. The lipstick finish is not matte like other Illamasqua lipstick but it's moisturising with soft and buttery feel. The lipstick itself cost £18.50 and the box only costs £16.95. Can you see why this box is worth it?

❤︎ Bourjois cream blush : This is another product that I really want to try but never have a chance to buy it (I always go for lipstick stead lol). I got it in shade number 3 "rose tender" which is a shimmering soft pink. I have found this blush is easy to wear, the cream-to-powder formula ensures they last well. (Each box contains one of 3 shades)

❤︎ DHC deep cleansing oil : I have heard of this cleansing oil for many years. It used to be a famous cleansing oil around Asia. I never used it though so this is a good time to try out. This cleanser contains vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. It will unclogs pores and get red of dirt and grime.

❤︎ Crabtree&Evelyn nail lacquer : I didn't actually know that Crabtree & Evelyn did nail polishes! This is a super glosssy, non-toxic varnish. It's a long-wearing and pretty shock-resistant. I got a classic bright red with a fine shimmer polish. I have been wearing it for 4 days now and it's still look fresh, shiny and the most important thing is it's not chip yet! Impressive <3

❤︎ Hawaiian tropic satin protection ultra radiance sun lotion SPF30 : I normally use sunscreen from Banana Boat but for people who don't really like sunscreen smell(you know what I mean) I think Hawaiian Tropic is another choice you you. It has a beachy coconut scent that also offer a great sun protection.

❤︎ Velvotan the original tanning mitt : Last product now. It is mitt that will help you achieve a flawless streak-free self tan without any stains on you hands. You can wash away the tan from the surface and re-use as many times as you like. It will work perfectly with Rimmel BB skin perfector :)

I am extremely impressed with this box, it's like buying one amazing product and getting 8 other things for free. Bargain!! If you are interested you can buy it from the Latest In Beauty site.

Do you like beauty box? What do you think of the products inside here?


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kiss me's Talk : Are you too nice?

Sawasdee ka~

I would like to introduce you new topic to my blog "Kiss me's talk"! This topic is not going to be scheduled monthly but kind of whenever-I-feel-like-it post. It will be about my life experience. Today topic is about being too nice. We all know that it's nice to be nice...but most of the time when thing begin with TOO it's usually not that good, right

The world is a better place with kind and generous people. So what is the problem of being too nice?
Well have you ever noticed that when you are too nice, people tend to take advantage of you. Recently, I received a phone call from my friend, she called me because she' want to complain with me about people around her who take her for granted. And most of the time the reason she call me is because of her being too nice. So this is the beginning point of this topic.

Have you ever felt you stretch yourself thin? Do you struggle with saying "no" to others' requests? Do you often find yourself under-appreciated and taken for granted? Do you often go along with what others say and want, although you feel unhappy with it? Or are you putting others before yourself? If you say YES to any of these questions then you might be too nice.

I used to be the one who tick "yes" on all of those questions above. When I was younger, I used to put others before myself. I'm not dare to tell a friend or other that I'm not free to go or do anything with them. I'm scare of turn off people around me and try to please people until I feel bad to myself because I don't have enough time to do my own things. But as the time goes by I learnt to balance thing out, maintain boundaries and give more time to myself. Being nice is a win-win but being too nice is a win-lose situation. If you're nice, both people feel happy but if you are too nice the other person probably feels good, but you don't. Remember that it's okay to do things that will make you happy too :)
So how did I cope with being too nice? Well first of all I stop all that negative bubble thoughts that pop out of my head like "I'm selfish if I don't help them", "she won't like me if I don't help her" etc. Instead, I confirm with myself that if I allow myself my own time, I can take better care of myself as well as others. I do help people in need and I love that but I do not let people take advantage of me too. For example if there are 2 girls ask me to help them on their report, the first girl work really hard to get her report done but there are some part that her struggle with, obviously I will help. On the other hand, the second girl just being lazy I will say "no" gently  but firmly. Okay, it might not be a good example but you kind of see the situation clearer.

The thing is you help people because you want to help and you help people because you have been forced to are totally different and they both give different outcome too. Overall, for all ranting about I don't mean that you have to be selfish but what I mean is to be nice in a way that’s healthy for everyone (especially you).

What do you think about this topic? If you think differently feel free to share your thought :)



Wednesday, 16 July 2014

OOTD : Mystic Me

 Sawasdee ka~
Are you bored of floral dress and sweet look for the summer? Today I will show you another side of me, A MYSTERY PART. Black and purple are colour that I think about when I want to do this look. Purple lipstick is a colour that some times it hard to pull off and not a lot of people brave enough to wear it, well today I stepped across my comfort zone and applied it on my lips.  Purple lipstick and naked back draw enough attention so I try to make the rest as minimal as possible, no headband, no big watch, no massive earring and very thin eyeliner to make my eye a bit bigger. Although it looks like I do a lots but It kind of effortless look really. Less is more ;)

Black halter dress : She Inside
Heart ring : Thai market
Silver clutch : A gift from my mom
3D miniature polymer clay watch : Thai department store (similar)
Earring : Swarovski
Nail polish : Essie "Roarrrange" and "Haute in the heat"
High sandals : Red herring
Lipstick : Topshop "Straight Ace"
Location: Leed City Centre

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Flower Accessories for Summer

Sawasdee ka~

I love flower and I also love the idea of flower become part of my accessories. Trend and fashion I like to go for during summer is carrying flowers around as an accessory. My previous OOTD posts can clearly explain that statement. I just feel like it can make an extra oomph to my look and outfit :)

Over a year I have been collecting flower accessories in my shelf and when I realise how many items I bought. I feel happy everytime I look at my collection and would love to share my happiness with all my readers. Well, in the collection you will not see any massive flower headband (I want it though) because everytime I try it in a shop my boyfriend always says "ARE YOU GOING TO HAWAII?" end of conversation, put it back down on the shelf and walk away slowly T_T.

1. A handmade flower crown that I bought in Thailand.
2. Flower hair clips from H&M
3. Cute pale pink and white headband from New Look
4. Coral and white flower headband from Primark
5. Flower fabric headband from Urban Outfitters
6. Pink rose hair Garland headband from New Look. I wore this headband in "flower on the mountain" OOTD post
7. Rope plait flower headband from Miss Selfridge
8. White floral headband that I bought from Thailand (similar here). I wore this headband in "orange flowers are all around" post 
9. Lace Bead Flower Decorated Bracelet With Ring from Sammy dress
10. Small flower hair clip from New look
11.White rose earring. I wore this earring in my how to : [hair] Soft like cotton and sweet like candy post

Do you like flower accessories too?


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

OOTD : Orange Flowers Are All Around

 Sawasdee ka~
Don't know since when I start to like wearing romper. Last week OOTD post I also wore romper but they both give totally different feeling. I found this cute flowery orange halter neck romper in Topshop sale last week and just couldn't stop myself from buying it. It's really nice flow silky material. If you like it you might still have a chance to get hold of it in the shop. I also put the link at the end of the post for exactly the same playsuit just in different colour (can't find the same one on the site). The only problem is the alternative one is not on sale.

Have you heard about Tour de France the biggest cycling race in the world? This year it started off in Leeds on last Saturday (5th of July). Well I didn't manage to wake myself up and watch the real thing start :( I watched it online though. Anyway I still went to the city centre to get an atmosphere. It was full of people everywhere, all the streets were closed and there were lots of entertainers around. Fun Saturday :)

Romper : Topshop (similar)
Flower headband : Thai market
Bag : Therapy
Sandals : Red herring
Lipstick : Burberry in no.28 Devon Sunset
Location: Leeds City Centre

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?


Sunday, 6 July 2014

HOW TO : [HAIR] Soft like Cotton & Sweet like Candy

Sawasdee ka~
As promise, here we come my first hair tutorial that I did for my friend hen party. I did a side-swept hair using  MarkHill sexy waves&curls pro-magic wand, few bobbi pins and flower hair clip from New Look. The best thing about using wand curler is that I get lots of volume which is what I want for my fine hair. This is how I did my hair...

1. So before doing any make up, roll your fringe with hair roller to give an extra oomph to the fringe
2. Let your fringe down after you finish you make up
3. Create a side part on whatever side you feel most comfortable
4. Grab the side that has more hair and loose tie it with elastic band
5-6. Start to curl the other side using wand
7-8. Move to the side that has been tied. Curl the hair part below elastic band
9. Begin making a twist the side that has more hair. Starting from top section, lay twist across and secure it with bobbi pin
10-11. Repeat "9" on the lower section
12. Now add the sweetest flowers hair clip you can find.

If you want to know how I did my make-up then follow this link
How is this tutorial?


Thursday, 3 July 2014

OOTD : Flower on the mountain @Create cafe & Ilkley Moor

Sawasdee ka~
Hello July! Can't believe it's another half of the year. Before the end of last month I had a chance to go Ilkey. I don't even need a cardigan to keep me warm! It was so warm and sunny. Since England doesn't always have nice weather I'm trying to make the most of it. So today post will be another short travel trip with me and my boyfriend.

We had a little walk around town and went to Create Cafe in Victorian Arcade for a little pottery painting. It's a lovely place for a cup of tea with a friendly atmosphere and you also can enjoy painting pottery at the same time. There are hundreds of pieces of pottery to choose. I went a bit too excited and almost grab everything home if I have time to paint. Once you have finished painting your piece, you have to wait it to be glazed and it will be ready to collect within few days (or for a small charge we can post it to you).

I also found I lovely tearoom that situated few minutes walk from Ilkley train station. It's called Koffie & cake. I get attracted to a large selection of cakes displayed in glass domes on a table. I wish there is as nice tearoom in Leeds. If you know any please let me know :)

Next, Ilkley Moor mountain. It's 402metres above sea level. To be honest I didn't even know that Ilkley has mountain and I didn't prepare for it. I must look weird in other people eyes when they saw me wearing shorts, flower handband and sandals walking up hill, but who cares? I did manage to go on the top and took a great photos with nice view in a background.
Romper : Primark
Flower headband : New Look
Sandals : Primark
Sunglasses : Topshop 
Watch : Calvin Klein

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?