Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Lipstick Collection & The Lipstick tag

Sawasdee ka lovlies,

As you may know I'm a lipstick lover. I've been collecting lipsticks for few years. My collection has definitely grown bigger in the past year, and I am not too mad about it (but my boyfriend might?!). If you know me, you would of known that I'm a lipstick junkie and I wear lipstick almost everyday. For me, lipstick is an accessory. It can change an entire look and can make you look more cute, sexy or playful.

Well I'm not going to show you a swatch today because I'm thinking about doing a "my lipstick collection" series. So what is all about this post today? I will do the lipstick tag. I have been seeing this tag for awhile and I keep telling myself that I should as well do one too. So let's begin with first question.

1. How many lipstick do you own?
Okay this is not a good start. I have way too many to count. I think I probably own more than 100 lipsticks (including lip liners, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses). I know it's crazy and I know that I have spent a fortune on all of these lipsticks but it kind of my addiction+obsession. They are my babies and I'm happy about it. I know I'm a lipstick queen lol

2.What was your first ever lipstick?
To be honest, I'm not really sure what was my first lipstick. I think it might be the one from Bloom Cosmetic, an Australian brand. And I end up didn't like it that much because the colour I bought was too pale for me

3.What is you favourite brand for lipstick?
I have 2 favourite brands in my mind. First one is Topshop lipstick. I like their colours, their consistency and they are in reasonable/affordable price. Another brand is YSL, more expensive high-end brand. I love the colour, texture, packaging...basically everything. It's sooooo luxe!
4.What is your most worn lipstick?
This is a tough one since I’m so inconsistent with lipstick. I like bold statement lipstick but some times I also like to go for some nudey tone. I would say most worn lipstick for now might be Burberry No.28 Devon sunset. It is a pretty peachy nude colour. I absolutely love the finish and colour.

5.What is your favourite finish?
Definitely go for matte/satin. I love matte that not drying finish. It gives longer lasting effect so I don't really have to worry about touching up.
6.What was the last lipstick you bought?
Emmmm this month I bought 6 lipsticks in total. I know you probably think I'm insane by now. I bought them online around the same time >___< I just can't resist my inner devil side all lipsticks I bought are sooooo lovely and I'm not regret buying it. So I bought 2 from YSL, one from Illamasqua that came in the Glamour Beauty Edit box and another 3 from MAC. If you follow my instagram or facebook you might have seen them in the posted before.

7.How many lip products do you currently have in you bag?
Well I just clean up my bag so I have none in there but normally I will have around 2-3
8.What is your favourite red lip colour?
I love love love Daredevil from Topshop. It's soooo pretty red it makes my teeth look whiter and look lovely on my lips. Unfortunately this colour has been discontinued :(

9.How do you store your lipsticks?
As you can see in the photo I put all my lipsticks in a cute paper box that I bought from TK maxx. My liquid lipsticks will be in a pink metal basket so I can see all the colours I have and all chubby lipsticks and lip liners I put them in a plastick box I got from Muji

10.Which lipsticks are you currently lust after?
After read and see all my lipstick collection you guys might think I should be enough with lipstick. Well if I say "no, I'm not lusting after anything" that doesn't sound like me at all so the truth is I'm currently lust after odd lipstick colours like navy, blue, mint, yellow. Okay, I know that I can't really use them that often in my daily life but I want to have them. I'm actually thinking of buying one from Melt cosmetics or maybe I will wait until I go back to Thailand I buy one or more from Passion Ville (Thai Brand).

Wow this is a fun post actually. If anyone want to have such fun time like me I tag anyone who wishes to do the tag and if you end up doing it, feel free to leave a link below in the comments, I'd love to read them :)

Stay tuned for my Topshop lipstick collection. I'll post it next Sunday



  1. You have some lovely lipsticks there

  2. i loveee lipsticks! so jealous of your massive collection!

    1. I can't even believe myself I have bought this many >_< typical me lol

  3. So jealous of your lipstick collection! You have some gorgeous shades

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  4. You definitely have the biggest lipstick collection I have ever seen. I don't really own any lipstick. I own a lip tint and lip gloss. Ha! But I have owned a lipstick before.

    1. That is reasonable amount. I think I have way too many lol

  5. I love that you have bought 6 lipsticks this month! I can't resist the temptation either haha x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

    1. It's not good for money in my pocket though lol

  6. I love lipsticks too :D I have a couple of Topshop lipsticks but I don't really reach for them. You've inspired me to try use time more haha! If you like their lipsticks you should check out Topshop's lip paints if you haven't already. They are amazing!

    1. Yeah I got them too. I will do a swatch soon hehehe

  7. Replies
    1. Give me a ling when you finish the tag can't wait to see :)

  8. Your lipstick collecction is almost as big as my nail polish collection!

    Lu | The Ankalli Style

  9. amazing collection!! wish I had that much lipstick ;)

    isa |

  10. I'm jealous of your lipstick collection! I wish I could have such a wide range of colors. Have you ever tried the lipstick crayon DIYs? They're my go-to for a nice, cheap lipstick color! Followed you on Bloglovin, keep it up. :)

    99 OUTFITS

  11. you have a great collection :) nice tag also...

  12. You have such an amazing and enviable collection of lipsticks!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. Wow you have an amazing collection, I'd love to raid it!

  14. i love that red topshop shade! their makeup is awesome

    from helen at

    ps. win some Raybans of your choice + a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here.

  15. I think I own one… I need to get on my lipstick game!



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