Thursday, 28 August 2014

OOTD: Sporty Girl @ Harewood House

Sawasdee ka~

Did you have a good long bank holiday? I did! Last Sunday I went to Harewood house (30 minute away from Leeds if you go by bus). After a poopy weather for whole week I was lucky enough to have a nice sunny day out.

Harewood is a perfect place, whether you want to visit the house and its wonderful collections, relax in the gardens or play on the playground. It normally open during summer time; for this year I believe it will open until 3rd November. You will need to buy ticket to get in though. If you are travelling by bus number 36 from Leeds you also will get a discount. Moreover, if you are a student you will get more discount! Apart from a beautiful house there is bird garden. It's home to rare and exotic species including penguins, snowy owls, flamingos, parrots etc. I also love penguin feeding that will be at 2pm everyday. You can even feed them by yourself but this have to be booked in advance and it costs £10.

Right, move on to my outfit of the day. If you saw my latest haul post you might probably familiar with this mickey dungarees. I just bought it and can't help wearing it before summer say goodbye. So it's kind of sporty girl look. The point of the look apart from dungarees would be shiny LOVE cap that my boyfriend said that it's too shiny and blind him lol. I love it though it complete the look

Mickey mouse dungarees : Primark
Mint cropped vest : Topshop
Love cap : New Look
Bag and "kiss me" ring : Unknown
Wedge-Heeled Sneakers : Adidas (similar)
Watch : Calvin Klein
Mind Game tight : Ebay
Lipstick : YSL in 13 Peach Passion
Location: Harewood

What do you think about my outfit, yayy or nayy?



  1. Love the outfit!
    Really suits you, feminine but still tough :)
    I like that!

    If you have any tips for me, please, let me know!
    I'm always looking for help :)


  2. Cute outfit :D

    Have a great day <3
    isa |

  3. I really love this outfit most especially the hat. I followed you by GFC and Google +. :D

  4. you're so cute! you pull off the overalls so well! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. Love this whole outfit but especially the hat!! :D


    Chelsea | Chow Down by the Bay

  6. so cool and unique!!! would you like to follow each other on GFC!? let me know on my blog and follow me, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  7. cool!


  8. I like this post and your outfit, especialy cap and sneakers!
    I follow you! <3

  9. You look so so cute and beautiful!! Supeer loved the outfit..I would love to have one like this! :)

    Have a blessed day :)

  10. Great outfit and location! I love your romper :)

  11. Great location! I'm loving that purse! I laughed when you mentioned your hat blinding your boyfriend, sounds very familiar, haha!
    Stop by and say hello sometime!
    Xo Amanda

  12. Absolutely stunning! Love your outfit!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  13. Great photos , and really nice outfit , the bag is perfect !!!

  14. Oh I love historic houses and grounds like this! Perfect way to escape the city heat and chill out in the country! xx


  15. Great outfit, I love the overalls but the tights definitely take the cake!

    99 OUTFITS


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