Tuesday, 1 April 2014

VINTED: Sell, buy & swap clothes

Sawasdee ka lovely girls~

Do you have a wardrobe problem like me? I have too many clothes and some of them I only wear once then don't remember I have them at all. Last week I found an awesome website called Vinted. Vinted is the new site that just launched in UK not long ago. It's a place to buy, sell or swap pre loved clothe and accessory items. 

You simply create your profile, then start uploading images and descriptions of the items you want to sell straight away. There's very simple to use boxes and buttons to help you  describe your items in the best way possible. It's a well-designed website and easy to use. I really like the icons to select clothing type, size, and colour. Then price your items to sell, swap or give an item away. You also can select a small, medium or large packet size, which automatically works out your postage and packaging costs for you and displays it along with the price of the item. Once you uploaded you cloth on your profile,just wait for the response and reply to the requests.  

Some times my items even get displayed on the featured page which is a great way to get them seen, and there are also lots of options to search for something in particular, by searching for a clothing brand or type.

Unlike other selling sites, you don't receive the money you earn from a sale until the item has been received by the buyer so it will be really important to get proof of postage to insure they reach the buyer safely. The recommended type of postage is signed for 2nd class. I kinda like that idea though because I'm not just a seller but also a buyer who want to ensure that I get the right item in the right time. So far, I was really impressed with the site and could definitely see myself selling items regularly on there.

The buying process is also easy to understand, you browse other Vinty profiles, tap on the items you like, add the item to your favourite list or buy it through the secure payment system. You can actually negotiate the price with sellers to get the best price. Then just wait for your item to arrive at you door. It's a lot more simple than ebay.
In case you are always on the move, the app is also very useful(for iPhone or Android), as you can just do everything over the phone.
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You can find my Vinted Wardrobe HERE 
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  1. I love those shorts with high waist! It looks adorable! <3

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  2. Hey,
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    This is a great idea, I have so many clothes I never wear, but always want to buy more! Hope you have a great day.

    Emma x

  3. I recently heard about this site, it seems like a great idea!!!
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  4. nice, I know the same like Kleiderkreisel in Germany, great post dear!

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  7. im use vinted too !


  8. great post,love the shorts,they are so beautiful
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  11. Seems like an amazing idea! I'll check it out as soon as possible.

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  12. This looks great, I might try it if I get tired of ebay and depop!

    Ellie xx | http://theleobeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Never heard of depop before. I will have a look at that site hehehe :)

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  17. that's a cool site! very unique :)


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