Monday, 7 April 2014

OOTD : Feel young everyday featuring Born Pretty Store watch review

*Products provided by Born Pretty Store for honest review

Sawasdee ka~
Are you feeling a bit blue Monday? Weather was hectic today in Leeds, however I hope that this post can cheer you up at some point. 

Lynn from Born Pretty Store contacted me a few weeks ago to choose one of their items and review it. I went through their women's watches selection and picked this adorable silicone snap watch. I'm quite surprise how cheap all their products are. Mine one cost around £3.61, incredible isn't it?! How much can I complain. It's really good for its price. Personally I don't like to wear watch that look like (like chain link thingy if you know what I mean) so this one is pretty good for me. I got the parcel about 2 weeks after I had been contacted so it's not that bad when thinking about send thing over from Hong Kong to UK. It's well wrapped that come with a watch box inside. The watch made with silicone and it made me think about my childhood when I was playing with my ruler slap bracelet (I like the idea!) and this is exactly the same and it's adjustable to fit most people.

So my outfit inspiration is from this watch as it make me feel like kid again. Let's turn back time to your primary school and things came up in my mind were lollipop, stripe, braid and pink. Look into my wardrobe and tah dahhh here we go "where's wally" ehhh nooo I mean happy little girl. Lollipop is something I love about when think of my childhood and can't help to include it in the photos. I got this big lolly from a candy shop near my house and I have to say I've been licking it for 5 days now and it still look as big >_<

If chain-link watches aren't your thing, Born Pretty also has a great selection of bracelet watches and LED watches, with styles for both guys and girls! - See more at:
A wrist watch is a must-have fashion accessory and finding one that's both fashionable and affordable can be a challenge.  When Born Pretty asked me to check out their selection of women's watches, I was astonished at their stylish selection and even more so at their prices.  I picked out this rose gold chain link wrist watch as I tend to prefer the more masculine-inspired watches currently.  The watch is surprisingly well made and the jewels surrounding the watch face add a bit of glamour.  My wrists are also on the more petite side, so the fact that the strap was fully adjustable was a must for me.

If chain-link watches aren't your thing, Born Pretty also has a great selection of bracelet watches and LED watches, with styles for both guys and girls!

Watches make great gift items and I can definitely see these as a wonderful present for the hoidays!  And as if the prices weren't competitive enough, the generous team at Born Pretty has provided me with a discount code for an additional 10% off with code KILEENC10.  Shipping is free worldwide but note that items are shipping from Asia so it can take 10-16 days for items to arrive in the United States (mine took 13 days -- shipping time info here). - See more at:
If this childish watch is not for you, Born Pretty Store also has a great selection of wrist watch. Also, this site is not only sell watches but iPhone 5 cases, nail art, clothes etc. with a reasonable price start from 60p and free shipping. They also made a special coupon for you, my lovely readers, so use the code NAPHC10 to save 10% on your order.
Top : Primark
High-waisted shorts : New Look Teens
Shoes : Topshop
Bag : Miss Selfridge
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Ohhhh~almost forgot I also will post about this makeup look very soon
Happy shopping lovely!



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