Sunday, 17 November 2013

Massive Christmas Lush Haul


 It's been a really stress week for me as I'm due to submit my report so on last Friday I decided to sooth my nerve with a shopping therapy. Yayyyyyyy

The shop that I go is Lush. I'm always a fan of Lush by the fact that it's all natural. I also like the fact that it's not tested on animals. And things that draw my attention the most at the moment are Lush bath bombs. Because in the UK it start to get cold and the best thing to do is sit back and relax in a warm bath...hmmmmm just think about it I feel good already. My mad shopping resulted in a huge haul of heavily scented goodies that will keep me stocked up well into next year

Most of the products I bought are only come out around the Christmas time so if you like any of these don't forget to pop in Lush store and have a look. Trust me you will have fun :)

And this is what I get...

 ❤ Bath Ballistic
    1. Bombardino 2.50£ Love that cute little face and it smells fab!  
 2. So white 3.25£ This one smell like an apple which I think it will be a good bath bomb when I need to get some freshness 
  3. Cinders 2.45£ Personally I don't really like cinnamon but there are many reason that persuade me to buy this little bath bomb. First of all the guy the the shop said that it's one of his favourite (so?!). Secondly I've seen a lots of good reviews about it and lastly it have popping candy on top which claim to make a popping fire sound!    
4. Honey Bee 3.25£ Yeah it just smell like its name. I adore the smell.   
5. Golden Wonder 3.50£ Who can ignore this gold glittery parcel gift bath bomb?! I guess "none". If you give it a little shake you will hear something inside it as well. Excited?
 6. Shoot for the stars I didn't mean to buy this bath bomb at the first place but because the guy (again) said that it will turn your bath to amazing colour like a blue space. I love space and astronaut so why not buy one? 
  7. Secret Santa I have to say I bought this because of Louise, I saw her photo holding this bath bomb on instragram and it looked nice. It smells quite citrusy. In fact it actually smell like whole Lush store in one go. It's also the heaviest bath bomb I have ever seen
 ❤ Bubble bar
   1. Magic Wand 4.95£ Sweet smelling just like Snow Fairy shower gel which is one of my favourite scent. What you have to do is swirl in you bath tub. It will last for a long time. Great value!
   2. Christmas Eve 2.95£ I love jasmine scent and this is exactly what it smell like
   3. The comforter 4.50£ This bubble bar is twice as big as the others. I think it will worth the money if you cut it in to half or more pieces and that gives you more than one use. It also give a gorgeous fruity smell

❤ Luxury Bath Melt
    Melting Marshmallow Moment 3.95£ This bath melt is another product that smell like Snow fairy with a hint of marshmallow. I've never bought bath melt from Lush before so I decided to give it a try.

For better descriptions check the website. I will review some of these bath bombs later when I actually use them :)

Hope you enjoy my haul


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