Thursday, 11 June 2015

HAUL : Lipstick & Makeup Organisers

Sawasdee ka~

Sorry guys, I know I haven’t blogged for ages. So first of all I would like to update my current situation for a bit. I’m currently on my final stage of my PhD student life. I’m pretty busy with writing up my thesis. So I might not be able to write blogpost that often now. BUT I still often update my Facebook so this is another alternative way to keep in touch with me.

Okay enough ranting. Let’s get going. My post this time will be a little bit more special. I got YOUTUBE CHANNEL! This will be first time when you actually see me talking (in Thai -__-“ bit I have subtitle in English though so don’t worry).

As you may know I’m a lipstick junkie. I have more than 100 lipsticks in my collection. Well my usual lipstick box wasn’t look too bad but I actually want a new place for my lovely lipsticks. Recently I just ordered 3 new lipstick and skincare organisers and this is what I’m going to show you today.
The first one is luxury spinning lipstick tower that can fit up to 81 lipsticks. It made from a great strong material however this comes with high cost as well. I bought it for £64 from Amazon I know it’s pricey but I can tell you it worth the money. I mean if you love your lipstick this organiser can be a good option.
Apart from bullet lipstick I also have loads of liquid lipsticks, chubby lipsticks and lip liners. This is why I also need this round display rack for liquid lipsticks. I got it from eBay costs less than £10 pounds so of course material is a lot different from the first organiser I bought.
So now where do I keep the rest of my lipsticks? Here is it my rotating skincare organiser. I also bought this one form eBay for £19 Again material is not so great. A bit hard to spin around but it is quite big to fit all my skincare and also the rest of my lipstick on top. So it’s a space saver.



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