Wednesday, 7 May 2014

SWATCH & REVIEW : Beauté and les Marquis de Ladurée // Pressed Blush

Sawasdee ka~
As promise on my japan beauty haul post that I will do a review on Laduree Pressed Blush so here we go. I’m was so excited to visit Beauté and les Marquis de Ladurée shop for the first time. I went to Ginza branch, Japan, and got so overwhelmed with all the products. Many people rave about how cute their products are and I  definitely agree with that. Everything there (except the price tag) make my heart pounding.

Right talking about product, as their product ranges are so expensive, I had to stop myself to buy everything on the shelves and decided to buy only one thing that I definitely use. It is Laduree Pressed Blush. There are 20 shades to choose from, so I'm sure some of them will suit your skin tone. I have here is "03" (no fancy or cute name though). The first impression would be gorgeous 3D design on blush itself and it's not too powdery or chalky so you won’t experience any excess blush powder getting everywhere with this one If your are interested in the formulae, it is oil-coated powder which means that it will stay on the face for longer. It also contains rose extracts honey and cocoa butter. To be honest, I don't really smell much from the compact, who snort blush anyway >_< I used it for awhile now and I can guarantee that once you apply on your face in the morning, you don't have any touch up.

They sell case and blush separately. So you have to purchase the container separately and then you can refill with any colours you want. The case is made with plastic, I can't say it's not cute it's actually lovely but for this price I think they can do better. I'm not a neat girl so I'm sure if I use it long enough the case will not be white anymore lol. Oh it also has mirror and small brush inside too. From what I know it’s worth hitting the pan because at the bottom of the pan is beautiful. I’m still not sure about mine though not really sure how long would it take for me to finish it as I have lot of blushes to use and I use different blush almost everyday hehehehe

If you have a chance to go Japan and have some times to spend don't forget to visit the shop. I can't really remember the exact price but for the compact it should be around £12 and blush £30
Have you ever used any of Laduree make up prooduct?



  1. Thank you for the review dear! The product looks so cute! <3

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  2. Love the colour, and that you don't need to touch it up!
    Love your blog :)
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo

  3. Love this blush! Didn't know that they made makeup products! So glad we could connect... Just followed you on bloglovin!

    xo, Bekka
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  4. Thank you so much, you're the sweetest!
    I'm following back og GFC & Bloglovin!

    ANd that blush looks too cute to even use!

    Alina à la Mode

  5. too cute !

  6. Its true that I find it a bit expensive ... But boy I want to try it on !
    Well... Only holding this beauty should be cool so ... Hope one Day Ill own this hihi :)


    1. Yeah that is what I think when I first see it "I want this" hehehe x

  7. The colour is very lovely! Would look great on you :) xx

  8. That blush it's worth having just because of the design! It's one of the cutest packagings, love it. Plus, the color is really nice :)
    Of course we can follow each other love, I just follower you on GFC and bloglovin. Loving your blog ♥
    Much love xx
    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

  9. Wow this is beautiful I love it! I love cosmetics like this, designed to make it a little more special. Love your blog and I am now following it. Hope you can stop by mine and possibly follow me too if you like it xx


    1. I just stopped by and followed back :)

  10. Oh of course !
    Followed ;)

  11. I really wanna try Laduree makeup product. The packaging is so vintage, I love it!



  12. Hi, thanks for your comment, sure we can follow each other! Following you on GFC and bloglovin', waiting for you!

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  13. The packaging looks adorable but the price they definitely could do better than plastic! Lovely review! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  14. The packaging is the cuttest! Love it!
    Wanna follow each other?

  15. thats the best packaging ive seen!

  16. Thank you for the review!!Very intersting post!!! XoXo from

  17. This is such a gorgeous colour! I love the packaging and the imprint on the blush it's definitely on my wishlist now! Great post!

    Gemma xx


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