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SWATCHES & REVIEW : My Lipstick Collection [Chubby stick and Lip Crayon]

Sawasdee ka~
I feel like chubby balmy lipstick has been something that on trend among beauty gurus/bloggers for awhile. To be honest, I'm not really into it at the beginning. My first ever chubby balm I bought are Pixi tinted brilliance balms (bought on 3 for 2 offer few years ago). And it's not really hit a button for me until around the beginning of this year I found a few good brands that I love and start growing my collection quite a bit.

Start of with Topshop my favourite mid-end make up brands. I did my Topshop lipstick collection few weeks ago if you have not yet seen it you can click here. Lip crayon Secret Party, a bright  raspberry pink with loads of glitter that will be really pretty for a night out and makes your lips pop. The formula is quite sheer, glossy but buildable. Lip bullet there are 2 different finishes: matte and creamy. I don't know when they are called lip bullet it's look just like other chubby lipstick to me I think MAC lipstick look more like bullet to me. Twist up style packaging means you don't waste product and there is no need for a sharpener. Anyway for matte version I got it in Call me queen bee (love that name!) a purple-ly  lilac colour that glide on like satin finish and it's not drying. For creamy version I got it in Back in the game a bright fuchsia pink that goes on smoothly like a dream and highly pigmented. Lip-stick Hedonist a bright orange with matte finish I think this formula is pretty similar to Topshop matte lip bullet but it has a little higher pigmentation.

Nars I own 2 different velvet finishes: matte and gloss. For matte finish, it glides on really well without the irritating dryness. But if you have dry, chapped lips, it will look more obvious. I have here with me in Dolce vita a mauve red and Sex machine a dusty rose. I found that the pigment is vary from colour to colour in my opinion I think Sex machine have a better colour pay off. For gloss finish it make me feel like I use a nice liquid lip gloss that doesn't make my lips feel sticky I got one in shade Baroque a pretty red berry shade. The only thing about lip pencil that I don't like, is that you have to sharpen them in order to get more product once it's worn down. It kind of put me off a bit when I think about sharpen them. I'm such a lazy bum haha.

Pixi tinted brilliance balm. Craving Cora an orange corally shade and Baby bare gentle light pinky. They are the first ever chubby sticks I bought.  They go on like a lip balm with a light tinted on my lips and a slight minty taste. The staying power is not so great and the packaging is annoying. Although it's cute rubbery pencil but the cap is too loose.  I definitely won't buy it again, especially since the price wasn't worth the outcome.

No.7 Lip crayon in Dancing a light strawberry pink. I got this lip crayon from 3 for 2 offer (again). I actually didn't expect much from it. I bought it because I don't know what else I should buy :/ Surprisingly, it's actually a good chubby stick. If you think Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils are too expensive, this lip crayons can be an alternative product. Apart from buttery feeling on your lips when you apply N0.7 lip crayon I think the other outcomes are pretty similar. Oh it also comes with sharpener lids too.

Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm. I first spotted these new formula around the beginning of this year. Out of 10 shades I picked 3 that I think they might suit me: Elusive a blue toned nudey pink, Unapologetic a super pinky red and Audacious a bright orange shade. They have a creamy texture with a satin finish and again with light peppermint scent. I don't know why a lots of chubby balms have minty taste. Can anyone explain to me? I'm really curious >__< I didn't find them particularly drying on the lips but some of the colours might accentuate the lines on your lips. The colour pay off is really good, opaque in one swipe.

If you want to see a full review for any lipstick please do not hesitate to let me know :)

Which one is you favourite? Any recommendation which colour I should get?



  1. Lovely lipstiks . Great post !

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  2. They all look really good quality for cheaper brands. I'd love to try some Topshop lipstick.

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  3. Oooh more lovely swatches. You're basically the queen of swatches aren't you!?

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  4. Hi dear,

    absolutely love the colours, so bright! :)
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  5. You have an amazing collection! Love the pic with all the swatches :)
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