Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Kiss me's Talk : The Law of Attraction

Sawasdee ka~

Happy New Year everyone !! (hope this is not too late for new years greetings). I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I had such a great time relaxing with my boyfriend and his family. I went down to visit my boyfriend's family for Christmas and spent 3 weeks there. Apart from eating, sleeping, celebrating the festive season and keeping myself occupied by reading Hunger games I hardly did anything. But now I'm back to my flat and I'm really excited to be back blogging. I decided to start my first post of the year with something different and hopefully if you are feeling down you may also find this post is helpful.

Have you ever read the book name "The secret"? It's a best-selling 2006 self-help book, which is based on the law of attraction, written by Rhonda Byrne. To be honest, when the book was released I wasn't really interested in it and had no idea what is it about. Until 2010, one of my best friend tried to persuade me to read this book. I read, don't really understand the main idea and ignored it again. But one day 2 years ago when my life was in the darkness; broke up, been stabbed in the back, been misunderstood and  finally I created anxiety and panic attack. I remember that back then I kept thinking about negative things. I blame myself for making that relationship end. Things got worse when I heard that someone talked bad thing behind my back and start rumour about me and seems like all student from my country that live in the same city with me all talked about that. I started to cry every day, tried to keep myself in my room and live my life in a day dream. Apart from my 2 best friends I hardly talk with anyone. I tried to hide from strange people and get scared every time I went out and meet people from my country although I don't know them.

At that point  I just feel like I have nothing to lose so I reached for the secret book again with a hope that it might help me some how. This time it actually worked! The main idea of the book is "like attracts like" by focusing on positive or negative thoughts. I finally realise my mistake that negative thoughts are things that make my life went downhill. So after that I adjusted my attitude and thoughts. Every morning when I wake up I start saying or thinking about things that I feel really good about or even smile to myself. Whenever I feel depressed I will try to calm myself down and think about good things instead. I know that I think about the rumour too much and care people who I don't even know too much. At the end I just think that whatever they talked about me no matter how bad my family and friends are still support me and be there for me all the time and I am the only one who know what was happen so if the rumour is not true just ignore it. Keep practice this little by little then thing will start to fall into place.

In the book it has so many cases about successful people who used the law of attraction. In my opinion you may have to adapt some tricks from the book to make it suit you. I spent time to learn what is work best. For me, I have my gratitude list writing about what I want and believe that it will happen, I try to keep thinking positively all the time. I can say it's not easy to immediately change your bad mood into a happy one! It took me awhile before I fully recovered from my anxiety. Last but not least feel thankful about what I have.

Now I'm in a better place. Although some times I still have bad day but I get through it really quickly. Also I know that I have my family, my lovely boyfriend and his family and my friends who support me and love me without condition. My life is perfect :)

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