Thursday, 7 August 2014

REVIEW : SheInside Online Shop

Sawasdee ka~
I have been thinking about posting this for awhile as I don't really like to say anything negative but on the other hand I also want to be honest about what I buy and how I think about it. To mention, I buy every pieces with my own money so you can be assure that I'm being honest. SheInside is an online store that I have known in the past couple of months. It full of a nice attractive design dress with surprisingly low price. Over the past few weeks I've seen a lots of post in blogging network about SheInside clothing website. Most of them are wishlist so if you are going to buy anything from this website this post might be helpful to you.

I first saw SheInside on Facebook sponsoring advert and due to attractive dress design I can't help myself to click on the link. As the price is pretty cheap so I'm really concern about the quality and service. I actually added a lots of items in my basket but at the end I decided to buy 4 dresses all in "small" size. After I placed an order, it took almost 3 weeks to arrive which is not bad concerning the distance from China to UK.

In term of fabric quality and sewing technique they're acceptable but nothing spectacular. They come with no tags. You just get what you paid for. Caution here as the company is located in China so small size on the website might be smaller than European small so  you should look at the size measurement that has been given on the site. Also, they are vary from dress to dress and some measurements are inaccurate :/

What I most disappointed about is before I try them on they look so beautiful but as soon as I try on a huge disappointment show up on my face. 3 out of 4 don't really fit me well unless I get them an alteration. Which mean I have to pay extra money to made the dress fit me.

Overall, the products weren't what I was expecting. I don't think I will ever buy something from their website again. I would rather stick with Boohoo or ASOS that have similar quality product but better service and fitting.
Black criss cross back bowknot pleated dress  £13.68 (I wore this on my last OOTD post)

Hope this post is useful for you. 
Have you bought something from SheInside? What was you experience?



  1. Aww wow, those beautiful dresses, I love all of them!


  2. Thanks for your honest review! I've been wanting to buy something from them for a while, but I'm not quite sure, because everyone seems to have had a pretty bad experience with them.


  3. Gorgeous dresses! Though I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with the online shop. Thanks for mentioning this to your readers, I love the fact that you're honest.

    isa |

  4. absolutely love everything you got! their dresses are amazing!
    the last one is especially preetty!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  5. I am just now looking at this pink one and a maxi dress on their website. Can you please tell me is this pink one very see through ? I would be very happy if you could give me some advice before I buy it.

  6. The pink dress is nice but would fit better with someone who has bigger boobs than me lol. It just doesn't fit me well. For the maxi dress it is very see through it's hard to wear without showing my pants in public :( Hope my answer help somehow x


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