Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bleach London - I SAW RED non permanent hair colour


Last week when I was wandering around in Boots looking for some more beauty product that on 3 for 2 deal (you've got me every year Boots, well done), and then I spotted this Bleach London hair dye products. The packaging and colour of dyes were really attract me. I know that it has been out since the beginning of October but I don't really know why I just notice these products. After I read a description on the bottle that it's non - permanent hair colour and it doesn't contain peroxide ,which is the main ingredient that damage your hair, I decided to give it a go . The colour I chose is "I saw RED" (it cost 5£). Red is actually one of my favourite colour :)

I have been wanting to dye my hair red for a long time but because my hair was in bizarre with split-end all over the place so I've banned myself from dying my hair for more than a year. I think my hair look a lot better now but it still not in a good condition. So non-permanent dye might be the best choice for me to change my look for some times. My hair is naturally black at roots with a dark blonde around the tips I don't really expect that my hair will turn out to be super red like the label.

I started with washing my hair with shampoo like normal then blow dye my hair (eventhough it said on the bottle to towel dried hair, it just too cold to wait until my hair dry by itself). Next I put on rubber gloves, I separated hair in to few sections and then massaged the dye in each section. For my long hair I used whole bottle to ensue that I cover all the hair. Next step is wait for 15 minute I actually left for 20 minute because I was in the middle of doing something. Then I rinse it out with warm water. At that moment I just feel like I'm seriously injured as my white bath tub was turned to red colour like blood. The last step was blow dry my hair again and look at the result...
As you see my hair around the roots is still same colour as before :( but around the tips it's actually turned red.
Left: after bleach Right: after 2 washes
Overall, I'm okay with the result (if I don't count that the colour stained my bathroom counter and it doesn't work on my natural hair colour). It freaked me out a little bit when I massaged dye in my hair and my hair go stiff and hard but after washed and blow dried my hair it looks fine to me with no damage. After first wash the colour fade a little bit. For second wash my hair doesn't look that red any more instead it seems like it changed to red-brownish. It claims that this non-permanent hair colour will fades out in 2 - 10 washes. So it's not that bad.

If you decide to try this temporary hair dye click here. And don't forget to buy rubber gloves and prepare some old cloth to put on when you dye your hair. Also, I do not recommend this product to someone who have dark hair. In my opinion if you have a good hair condition it might be better to buy a permanent hair dye :)

Have any of you tried any Bleach London products yet? Do you like it?



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