Thursday, 21 August 2014

Massive Haul: Topshop, H&M, New Look and Primark

Sawasdee ka~
Say hi to a massive haul once again. My latest cloth haul would be about 3 months ago so this is the perfect time to post about my newbies to my wardrobe again. Shopping is some kind of stress therapy for me as in the past month I was pretty freak out with my never ending lab work so spending some money on something I like actually help me feel a little bit better. I also love sharing with you my latest purchases so here’s my most recent offering from Topshop, Primark, H&M and New Look.

❤︎ H&M
Red lip shoulder bag £14.99 : I have been collection anything in lips shape for a while and when I saw this red lip bag/clutch I just can't resist
Fashion freak earrings £4.99 : If you let me choose to wear only one accessory I would rather prefer earring. And look at the design I just love that hanging text bit.
Short jersey top £6.99 : Croptop is one of my staple items so why not have more? I like fabric material that is not too thin and not too thick and those cutie text screenings.

 ❤︎ Primark
Flower headband £3.99: I'm still not over with the flower headband lol although I'm not sure whether I still have a chance to wear it this year with unpredictable UK weather but I'm sure I still can keep it until next year when summer say hello again
Sport bra £5 : Healthy living is something I'm trying to do now. I've been starting to do work out in the past few months and the most important item for exercising is a proper sport bra. Can't believe how cheap is it compare with the quality I get 
Dungarees £10 and £14: dungarees trend always make me think about my childhood. Back in primary school I remember wearing it pretty often and once it hit this year trend I just can't help buy myself few dungarees. I think Primark make a decent one with areasonable price. The minty green one is pretty colour and did you notice that the one on the left has mickey mouse head screen all over. How adorable it is?
❤︎ New Look
Black cap £6 : because I can't decide which cap should I get so I just bought 2 in one go (crazy me) and with more than 50%off (original price£12.99) I think it worth it.

❤︎ Topshop
Dress £20 : I got these 2 dresses during Topshop Sale. They both are cute little bodycon dress that can compliment your figure really well. I like the fabric and cut out detail. If you can remember I wore the blue dress in my OOTD post last week.
Sunglasses £16 : I bought this sunglasses just because I want it to match my blue dress so the sunglasses also feature in the OOTD post last week as well. It's actually not the shape of sunglasses  I normally wear but surprisingly it looks good. Maybe because that candy blue tone that help compliment everything.

Have you picked up anything from the sale recently?



  1. Amazing haul! I absolutely adore the red lip bag. It's in such a lovely shade of red and is so much fun. I also love the floral print of the Topshop dresses

    Made in Mauve

  2. Looks like you had a good shop! Love that lip bag, and the pink Topshop dress

  3. Cute workout clothes always inspire me to workout more!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Omg! I love your haul so much! Love your haul at topshop and primark!

    Visit my blog:

  5. Everything is awesome. I love it. :)


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