Thursday, 17 September 2015

[REVIEW] Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes VS Hypnose Volume-à-ponter The mascara that won't smudge

 Sawasdee ka~

Recently I just found a perfect mascara combination for my straight long thin eyelashes. So my problem is that all of non-waterproof mascara I tried made my lashes floppy and uncurl. My secret (well~not really someone might already know this anyway) to keep my eyelashes perfectly curled from  day to night is to use waterproof mascara. I have tried many different brands from drugstore to high-end one from Maybelline to Chanel but none actually made me impress. Although they can keep my lashes fuller and curled but by the end of the day I started to see some smudges around my lower lashes line which doesn't look nice. Hello Panda eyes >__< Until 3 years ago I discovered Lancome Hypnose mascara line and I instantly fell in love. No wonder why Hypnose mascara line always win beauty award! Yes it is a bit pricey but it worth the money (at least in my opinion).

Picture above shows you how my natural eyelashes look like. They look better when I curl them but they are so thin. I'm not false eyelashes person I don't really use them as it think it's too much hassle so mascara is something I rely on in order to have my lashes look standout and fuller. 
❤︎ Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes (waterproof)
This Doll eyes version is my staple mascara. I re-purchase it uncountable times. It's an absolute gem. It gives defined and lengthened lashes with no clumps and last all day without smudging. Importantly it keeps my lashes perfectly curled for whole day. The mascara wand was designed nicely which helps separate individual lash really well. The narrow brush end is great for applying around inner corner of your eyelashes. In my opinion it is good for day to day basis, however, I find that it doesn't give much volume to my lashes. This is why it makes me also fall inlove the mascara that I will show you next.
❤︎ Hypnose Volume-à-ponter
This mascara is released in the beginning of July this year. It's the newest mascara invention from Lancome. For someone who already has natural curled lashes I'm sure you will love this ultra black mascara. It gives longer, fuller, more defined lashes. With a small brittle brush you can be sure that you will still have tidy well-separated lashes unlike many other brands that offer volume lashes and also spider leg lashes (which is not pleasant)! This mascara also doesn't feel too heavy or too stiff on the lashes which is another one point for me. What I'm really impress is that although it is not a waterproof mascara but it stays put for whole day even after rain or watery eye day. As it's very resistant I recommend you to remove it with a bio-phase oil remover not with micellar water. However, only reason I can't use it alone is that this mascara can't keep my lashes curled. Few seconds after I apply my lashes just flop down as can be seen in the picture :(
Left : Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes. Right : Hypnose Volume-à-ponter

The perfect solution for me is to combine both together. I have had a lot of compliments about my lashes recently which I can only put down to this combination. For the result shows in the picture above I only applied one coat from each mascara. I can't tell how much I love them. OH I almost forgot to mention one thing as far as I know Hypnose Volume-à-ponter is only available in certain countries i.e.  UK, Australia, South Africa, Russia and countries in EU.

What do you think of the result? What mascara do you inlove with at the moment?

P.S. I will run a giveaway on my next post. So keep your eyes peeled 

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