Saturday, 25 July 2015

REVIEW : My Little Road Trip Box (July)

Sawasdee ka~
"Life is like a road trip. Enjoy each day and don't carry too much luggage"
Finally my most favourite box from My little box is arrive at my door. I saw a picture of it on Instagram before I actually receive the box. Yeah~it ruined the surprise however it didn't ruin my excitement though. I know from the moment I open the package that this box is going to be the best. As soon as I open the box, I sense a lovely smell inside. It was sweet but somehow fresh. This month's box  comes in "Road Trip" theme which is perfect for me as I often travel a lot during the year.

This time you get 3 beauty products and another 3 and a half lifestyle related stuff. I say  3 and a half because I'm not quite sure whether a pen inside is actually come with little post card booklet. Also as usual you will get a quote card and my little world folded magazine. Not sure whether I still should call it magazine as it just seems like big folded poster with some interviews, beauty tricks&tips that I'm not quite interested and advertisement :/ Well~that is just only one down point, so don't let's only thing turn you down :)

Shall I start off with beauty items? All beauty items are put together in a pretty drawstring bag. First thing I discover from the bag in the source of that lovely smell I mentioned from the beginning. It's a My Little Box after sun body gel. Might not have a chance to use it soon as the weather in UK is so rubbish with lots of clouds and rain...boooo~ but I'm sure I will take it with me in my next holiday (hopefully in France). Next up, a beautiful nail polish in colour "DJ play that song" from Essie. I'm a fan of this brand and did I tell you that I LOVE PURPLE? Oh well you know it now hehehe. And the last but not least travel size Garnier micellar cleasing water.
Within the drawstring bag I also found little gold temporary tattoo which is something I like. I have a big collection of it in my drawer. I often use it when I have a night out.
The star item from this month box is this travel organiser! It's such a good idea and I love love love the design. I kindda want a new purse for my passport and here it comes. It is beautifully designed with pretty illustrations and it also features a large zip lock section. In my opinion, it's not too big nor too small you can also fit some cards and cash in there as well. It's made thing easier for me :)

Last item and a half are this small postcard booklet and a BIC pen. It 's a clever idea to make this postcard like a little booklet. You can simply write down whatever in there and noone (I mean postman) can't read it like original postcard because you can just seal it up before pop it in the post. The funny thing about the pen is when I opened the box I actually thought that My Little Box crew accidentally left their pen in my box. I only work it out that it meant to come with the box when I saw a pen illustrator in the travel organiser...silly me lol

Overall, I love it. What else could I ask for. I love the theme and how all the items have been incorporated really well. So for people that interested in this box, My Little Box costs £11 a month (+£3.95 postage). You can sign up here.

What do you think of the items included? Do you have any other subscription box you would recommend?

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