Sunday, 13 July 2014

Flower Accessories for Summer

Sawasdee ka~

I love flower and I also love the idea of flower become part of my accessories. Trend and fashion I like to go for during summer is carrying flowers around as an accessory. My previous OOTD posts can clearly explain that statement. I just feel like it can make an extra oomph to my look and outfit :)

Over a year I have been collecting flower accessories in my shelf and when I realise how many items I bought. I feel happy everytime I look at my collection and would love to share my happiness with all my readers. Well, in the collection you will not see any massive flower headband (I want it though) because everytime I try it in a shop my boyfriend always says "ARE YOU GOING TO HAWAII?" end of conversation, put it back down on the shelf and walk away slowly T_T.

1. A handmade flower crown that I bought in Thailand.
2. Flower hair clips from H&M
3. Cute pale pink and white headband from New Look
4. Coral and white flower headband from Primark
5. Flower fabric headband from Urban Outfitters
6. Pink rose hair Garland headband from New Look. I wore this headband in "flower on the mountain" OOTD post
7. Rope plait flower headband from Miss Selfridge
8. White floral headband that I bought from Thailand (similar here). I wore this headband in "orange flowers are all around" post 
9. Lace Bead Flower Decorated Bracelet With Ring from Sammy dress
10. Small flower hair clip from New look
11.White rose earring. I wore this earring in my how to : [hair] Soft like cotton and sweet like candy post

Do you like flower accessories too?



  1. i love floral accessories!

  2. So beautiful - I love flower crowns!

  3. I love flower crowns on other people but I feel like I could never pull them off.

    1. I'm you you will look lovely with flower crown :) Just step out of comfort zone


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