Sunday, 10 November 2013

Start with a Kiss...Nars Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection 2013

Sawadee ka~ Welcome :) I finally decided to set up my own blog (again). I have been wanting to have a blog and shared my experience for long time and hopefully I can inspire some people out there. Actually I once had a blog about a year ago but one day everything is gone. By the mean "gone" = completely gone, all my posts and reviews were disappeared (some how) so I stop everything there. But now here we go me again. Personally, I obsessed with lip products, it's not just lipstick but also bags or things that come in lip shape...I know it sounds weird but don't you guys think lip shape is attractive? This is also why my blog's name is Kiss Me Sunday.

As my blog's name is Kiss Me Sunday so in my first post I would like to do something that related to the name.

NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection 2013.  
There are few box sets in this collection and the one I chose is called Fling. The collection just released on the 1st of November with the shocking price of 30£. Normally Nars lipstick cost 18.50£  but in this set you will get 2 of them including another 2 lip pencils...hmmm worth it <3
The packaging is lovely, isn't it? I just can't resist but walk straight to cashier with this box in my hand. And I think many girls will do the same as me when they spot this cute little box.

Dolce Vita, Baroque, Damage and Roman holiday

It features 4 lip products :
- Pastel pink "Roman Holiday" lipstick
- Mauve red "Damage' lipstick
- Dusty rose "Dolce Vita" velvet matte lip pencil
- Red berry "Baroque" velvet gloss lip pencil

Swatches from left: Roman Holiday, Damage, Baroque and Dolce Vita

Although the choice of colours is a bit less statement than I expect but overall I like all 4 colours because they are all wearable in day to day basis. They can be worn in this festive time or even in spring time. 

In my opinion, Nars might want to make the colours appeal to as many people as possible. That why they are neutral enough to go with a wide range of skin tones.

Anyway, it is a limited edition collection so if you want to get a hand on it hurry up.



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