Friday, 22 November 2013

Primark Christmasy Haul...Get Warm and Comfy with me :)

Sawasdee ka~
Today I come with haul again. Yesterday I went to Primark with an intention to buy my boyfriend a pyjama, but it turned out I get a bit carried away *sigh*
Talking about legging, during autumn/winter time I love to wear legging rather than jeans or trousers. I feel like it  gives my legs warmer. When I stepped in Primark the first thing I saw is red legging with a brocade type print in black velvet. It's an elasticated waist that just pulls on with a nice strong fabric with a little but not much stretch. I love the fact that it quite thick as well, normally whenever I want to buy a pair of leggings in Primark I can never get any as it's a thin fabric and I don't really like to show my panties in public.

Twinkle twinkle little star ★ , next I got this starry fluffy cardi. It's really soft and comfy material. I'm sure it gonna keep me warm for whole autumn.
Can you see how cute is this beanie with little bear ear? Never though it will suit me but feel like I need to come out from my comfort zone. It's  actually really cute although it's a little bit bigger than my pea head size. But it's just 3£ can't complain much with that price.
My love at first sight owl dressy pyjama. It's so soft, furry and cute in the same time. Don't have to say much about this if you find it in shop you will know why I love it. Another Pj I got is a winter pyjama "cuddle me" thick fleece. Look at that polka dots bottom really make me excited about Christmas. I love Pjs from here a lot I actually buy this set every year. When I have a day in, Primark Pj bottom is one of my first choices.
They are pretty simple socks. I bought 2 over the knee socks in black and grey. I like to wear knee length boots with long socks to keep my feet warm. At first I planned to buy new socks in Gap but after I saw my basket (that full of everything) I feel like I can't go anywhere apart from home. And also a pack of pinky 5 pairs socks. Socks here are not as soft as the one I bought in Gap but I will give them a try. Who know it might get softer after a wash.
Christmas slippers from Primark are adorable. My friend and I like to shop for new slippers here every year. She'd already back to Thailand and this cute Rudolf slippers remind me a lot of her so I decided to buy them and showed them off to her. They're quite big though but I don't care they're really soft with nice padding.
Grey doggy door stopper. I've been wanting a new door stopper for a while and when I spotted this little dog I just walk straight to the shelf. It's pretty heavy so I really think it will work, but the problem is when I tried to use it with the door at home it doesn't really do it job the door just slid and closed*fail*
And last but not least, my boyfriend pyjama, yeahhhhhh~ he said he want a thick snuggly pyjama. It's the only set that is fleece so I have no choice. He also has no choice he must like it.

Hope you enjoy my haul and have a nice weekend ❤


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