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Be My Lush Valentine : Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Sawasdee ka~
Can you believe that Valentine's day is approaching in 2 weeks, are you ready for it? Anyway, when I realise that Lush has released their new Valentine's day collection, apparently it was released on the 9th of January, I was sooooo excited. Everything is so lovely. So I end up buying almost every single thing in the range. Physically swooned~

To no surprise as a "love theme" there will be lots of hearts feature in the products. This year there are some new additions to the Valentine's day range and a couple of old favourites from last year (Prince Charming Shower Gel and Love Locket Bath Bomb). At the moment, I'm still putting everything in the shelf and wait for special occasion to use it. However, I think it might be great idea to share my initial thoughts about them.
Bubble Bar
- Heart Throb  £3.65 A very bright red 'sandwich' style that separated with gold glitter lining and breaks easily into 2 halves. I honestly couldn't explain the exact smell. It smells florally but clean. Heart throb also contains organic shea butter and corn flour to keep your skin soft.

- Lonely heart £3.50 A glimmer of golden lustre that cover red heart. I love the smell. Really nice refreshing citrusy scent.  

- Unicorn Horn £3.25 The prettiest bubble bar I have ever seen. Thumb up for Lush. I love everything about it. A lovely rainbow colour with sparkling lustre and little candy stars. I guess you could technically eat these star but I don't think it will taste nice? Let me know if you have already tasted it :) It smells very lavender-y and I love it. It's amazing! 

Bath Bomb
Floating Flower £3.50 It has extremely strong jasmine scent. Although I love jasmine but I think it might be a bit too strong for me, but who know I might like it when I put it in my bath. It meant to turn your bath a beautiful colour. To mention, this bath bomb is super powdery so I don't recommend snorting them lol

- Love Locket £6.95 I did a review on this last year and I'm not really a big fan of this. I'm actually not suppose to repurchase it again. However I have no idea how can it get in my shopping basket lol. It's really big bath bomb so it meant to use for multiple times. When you crack open your Locket you will also find a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb hidden within. You can read my full review here

❤ Shower gel
- Prince Charming £9.50 It came out last year for the first time but I didn't get my hand on it. So this year I decided to give it a try. "The fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit , sandalwood and geranium oils". That's what it said on the website but for me I have no idea how grapefruit smell like so to make it easier to explain I think this shower gel actually smells like Jaffa cakes.

 ❤ Soap
- Cupid’s Love £4.25 Uplifting, fruity smell with passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt. It's actually another version of Neon Love from Valentine's day collection last year but a little bit slippy and softer. The soap should have white heart in the middle but because I ask the guy in shop to cut it in half for me to make it easier to use.

Each bath bomb and bubble bar can use multiple times. It's depend on how generous you are :) So there we go! All in all I adore this collection and would recommend you to go to the shop and have little sniff before you decide to buy any of the products




  1. I need to get myself to a lush asap! The prince charming shower gel sounds amazing if it smells of jaffa cakes! x

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  2. These products look so amazing! ...Especially for V-Day!

  3. What beautiful products dear.

  4. Lovely bath bombs


  5. I would love to try these! Seems like I have to pay a visit to Lush :)

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  6. Lovely products! Nice collection ♥


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