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Bomb Cosmetics : The Luxury Bath Box

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I know it suppose to be spring in UK now but it's still cold out there. To beat this low temperature, warm bath would be the best thing. I always spend my time in bath at least once a week. Thinking about bath products, most people might think about Lush but today I will talk about alternative brand called Bomb Cosmetic. For anyone who has never heard of this brand can read about them below. 
"Bomb Cosmetics is a closely guarded and cherished secret in the cosmetics business. Chances are, you’ve seen our products in a little independent store near you, but never quite realised they were ours. Established over 14 years ago, and quietly taking on the big boys who just fill bottles, we launched our bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade bath, body, face and shower products at just a few trade shows in the UK. From those humble beginnings, sporting just a few lovingly crafted Bath Blasters, we now export a proudly British and varied product range all around the globe, to over 45 countries. Why not make your beauty regime a little more beautiful? We pride ourselves on making our product not only smell and feel wonderful on your skin, but it also must look beautiful too!
We carefully select the best ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils, and minimise our packaging as much as possible to ensure our little luxuries don’t hurt the planet, and only nourish and care for your skin. And don’t forget, all of our products come with free extra love!"

I have to agree with them about using their products but didn't realise they were theirs. I once bought their products in Colchester Zoo without knowing that they are their product. You can find them in odd places like souvenir or hand made shops. If you are interested you also can buy them off online from Amazon or from their own website. I've never bought any bath bomb online though so I'm not really sure whether it will get squashed before you can use it or not.

Right maybe too much introduction. I will start with the bath box I got now. My boyfriend bought me this bath set from student union and gave it to me. The box comes with 6 different bath products. This box rrp at £9.99 which is not that bad comparing with Lush. The price range between these 2 brands are pretty similar.

This box includes:
Jade Bath Meltz
This small blue cupcake which seemed to have a strong fruity cranberry scent.
Marigold Bath Creamer
A ball shaped item covered in golden marigold petals. The scent was very similar to the others and included lavender essential oil and geranium flower oil as well as marigold flower. This being a creamer means that it has the shea butter to add extra moisture to your skin. 
❤ Pink Bath Meltz
A mini cup cake in a pale pink with a piped peak similar to the Jade bath maltz. Surprisingly apart from lavender flower oil this pink bath meltz has the same ingredient as Jade bath meltz. It had a pleasant fruity.
❤ Rose Bath Creamer
This is a small round bally covered in crushed pink rose petals with a light, contemporary floral fragrance.
Purple Daisy Bath Mallow
This looked a bit like a purple cake with a smooth edge around the sides. It is a lavender oil scented melt with some geranium oil. I think it suppose to have real daisy on top but mine one is a molded daisy. I'm sure it will not make any different in term of benefit to my skin but I prefer real daisy.
❤ Rosebud Buttercup
A beautifully formed buttercup with geranium and lavender essential oils and a real dried rosebud pushed in to the top. Once again I think this one has same ingredients as rose bath creamer just with different decoration.

All products contain moisturising cocoa butter with a similar floral scents. I love the fact that they contain only natural ingredients and the smell of the products are lovely. Also all products are handmade and not tested on animal.

I haven't tried any of bath bomb in this box so I can't reviewed them yet but from my experience with previous bath bombs from this brand I'd used I think they are really good. Unlike bath ballistic from Lush that will fizz away after we put it in water, Bomb cosmetics melt slower and creamer. They're pretty small bath bomb which weigh around 20-30 g  but because of the way in which they melt this isn't an issue, you get just as much for your money :)

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Have you tried any products from Bomb cosmetics?




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